Ethnic Food Exploration (Part 2)

This week I continued my exploration of the many foreign foods that Seoul has to offer the students who may need a break from barbeque, rice, and kimchi. Though Korean cuisine offers a wide array of options and flavours, there is definitely room in the daily diet for some variation! Searching for diverse food options […]

Palaces in SEOUL (Part 2)

Today I would like to introduce you more to my observations regarding the “Palace Tour” that I have been doing for the past couple of weeks. Last time I told you more about the Gyeongbokgung Palace (경복궁) that is by far the largest and most popular palace in Seoul. However, not far from this architectural […]

Introducing 2015-2016 FESTIVALS! (December-January)

Did you remember the article that introduce 2015 fall festivals? This time, I will introduce 2015-2016 winter festivals which are held on December and January. Last time I recommend 4 festivals which are held in Seoul or near Seoul. However, this time, because that period is winter vacation, I will recommend various festivals without limit […]

Exhibitions to See, Right Now!

Today, I want to recommend the exhibition that you can enjoy in the winter. First one is Alessandro Mendini exhibition. It is held in Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP; 동대문디자인플라자). It opens Tuesday to Sunday. (Tuesday~Sunday – 10:00~19:00, Wednesday & Saturday – 10:00~21:00). The price is quite expensive, but I think I will worth it. The […]

On Language Barriers

If you are a foreigner considering coming to study in Korea, you might be worried about encountering cultural and language barriers. What if nobody speaks English? What if you don’t understand what anyone is saying and can’t make any friends? What if you really need some help but are unable to express yourself? I have […]

Experiencing Studio Audience in Korea

Have you ever seen people who are called ‘studio audience’, while you are watching a TV program? Those people are not actors or singers. They are audience who provide applause and laughter to the program’s soundtrack. When I first saw them on one TV program, I thought ‘I really want to go to a TV […]

Places to Study (On Campus)

I introduced nice places to study in the business school building. And now I will introduce nice place to study on the rest of the campus, open to every student.   1. Chung Mong-Koo Automotive Research Center It is located in the center of our campus. It was built in 2014, so it has new facilities. In […]


So you are backing your bags to South Korea and you are ready to take on the city of Seoul and all of South Korea. But then, you realize. The official language in South Korea is Korean. But, you don’t really know how to speak Korean. And if, in your case as in mine, you […]