Fantasy of living in Jeju

Jiyeon Choi One of the indispensable reasons why people want to settle down in Jeju or wants to experience one month living is the fact that many of the celebrities who have a great influence on people live in Jeju Island. In particular, JTBC’s “Hyo-ri’s Guest House,” which was first aired in 2017 and aired […]

Afternoon Tea in Korea

Hajon Lee Want to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee with some delightful dessert? Well I have something just right for you. Afternoon tea is one of the best ways to relax and have a chat with a friend. Enjoying tea with snacks in an ambiguous afternoon between lunch and dinner is said to […]

MZ generation consumption trend : Small luxury

Jiyeon Choi Small luxury, an extravagant in relatively small products like groceries and cosmetics, is trending among MZ generation. Whenever it is starting to get hot in Korea we can see that trend on SNS, people posting photos of hotel bingsu(a popular Korean shaved ice dessert with various toppings) which is definitely one of the hottest dessert […]

Dangerous collaborations

Jiyeon Choi As mass production and market saturation make it difficult to gain competitiveness in the market with quality or price nowadays, companies tend to attract consumers with exotic collaborations and package designs especially in food market. Extraordinary collaborations’ design attracts consumers’ attention and encourages them to buy products out of curiosity. In particular, the […]

Do Blue-light Glasses Really Work?

Lee Sooyeon                   Although the pandemic caused a financial loss for many companies, optical companies that sell blue light blocking glasses have seen an exponential growth in sales last year, due to increase in smart device use.                   Previous frequent users of blue-light blocking glasses were people who relied on computers for work, as well […]

Liquor regulation improvement and Gompyo Wheat Beer

Yugyeong Jeong            Last year, the government announced a plan to improve alcohol regulation in order to strengthen the competitiveness of the domestic liquor industry and enhance the convenience of liquor consumers. Regulations were comprehensively improved over the entire stages of manufacturing-distribution-sales, and in the manufacturing sector, consignment manufacturing (OEM) of alcoholic beverages using facilities […]

The Miracle that might Change Your Life

Lee Sooyeon              It is easy these days to find postings and videos of ways to change your lifestyle in a more efficient and healthier way. Recently the hottest topic among those was the ‘Miracle Morning’. In Korea many celebrities and youtubers are also participating in this miracle, by starting their day a bit earlier […]

Carrot Market

Hajon Lee Have you seen the poster or commercial in a bus station or even on the side of the bus with a rabbit holding up a carrot with a orange background? This is the trending so-called carrot market in Korea. The name is actually a play with words. It actually means a market close […]