Karrot (Market)

Mingi Woo If you are an exchange student, like most university students, you need a cheaper option to purchase your items, from basic silverware to school supplies. Here in Korea, there is a widely used application called Karrot. Karrot is an online platform, that allows users to exchange goods and services. In some sense, it […]

Daegu Trip- Part 5

Pratibha By Pratibha Hey everyone!!!!!! This is the real real last blog on the Daegu trip. So, how are you all doing? I hope everyone enjoyed the school festival and refreshed themselves. Now let me serve you with some beautiful mountain areas of Daegu. Where were we in the last blog???? Ummm…..yeah, so we had […]

Surviving alone in Korea is delicious!

Park chae eun When you stay away from your parents in Korea, how do you eat your meals? Usually, you will go to a restaurant, use a delivery service, or cook by yourself. I will tell you about two useful shopping malls for those who must eat on their own. It is a very convenient […]

Daegu Part 4

Pratibha Hey Fam!!!!!! I am back with another part (also this is not the last part 🙃)….. So, where were we????? Yes, we are going to look at the last 2 activities of this trip today…. Well, after a small journey to Korean History then we went to the Korean herb/ medicinal centre where we […]

A Beautiful Rest : Temple Stay

Park chae eun Have you heard of Temple Stay? Temple stay means staying in a temple. It is a program where you can stay in a temple away from the city, healing and experience Buddhist culture and its temples. Currently, 139 temples in Korea operate temple stay programs. More than 6 million people have experienced […]

Festival period at Hanyang University

Park chae eun The festival season has come to school!! The spring season festival, “Rachios,” was suspended for three years due to non-face-to-face school life during COVID-19. And at last, it was held again in 2022. So it is more meaningful! The festival will be held throughout Hanyang University’s all-campus places for three days. May […]

Korean Bullet Train KTX: A quick and easy way to travel

Mingi Woo If you are an exchange student or a full-time student at Hanyang University, you might have used the subway system here in Seoul. In my opinion, the Korean subway system is one of the easiest and simplest methods of transportation here in Korea. What if I told you that there is a rail […]

Holi {Indian Festival}

Pratibha Hey, how you all doin’? I know I was doing that Daegu trip series. BUT BUT BUT….. I gotta interrupt that cuz this is actually what I wanted to start the semester with 😢. So, what is this thing that is so important? Well, on the 8th of march, it was India’s national festival […]