Introduction and implementation of quarantine pass

Yugyeong Jeong A quarantine pass is a certificate that permits use of multiple facilities, such as karaoke rooms, gyms, and public baths, only to those who have completed the COVID-19 vaccine or have confirmed negative PCR test results. It is one of the measures of ‘With Corona’ that took effect on November 1, 2021. The […]

Part-time cleaning to go to a BTS concert…

Down syndrome boy’s dream come true Minjun Son 2021. 11.23 Image source: SOFI Stadium Twitter              A passionate fan of the Korean idol group BTS with developmental disabilities has come true with his earnest dream of going to a BTS concert.              NBCLA, a Los Angeles local broadcaster, reported that 14-year-old Harrison, who suffers from […]

Unique Café Culture in Korea

Lee Sooyeon There are many countries that are famous for coffee cultures – Italy, Brazil, and Ethiopia to name but a few. These countries are well-renowned world-wide not only for their coffee, but also for the culture surrounding it. Who doesn’t have fantasies of sitting under the Italian morning sun and enjoying the atmosphere of […]

Best 3 Live Music Performances: Enjoy in your room

DONGGYU LEE The COVID-19 pandemic shows no sign of ending, and because of this, the enthusiasm for concerts and festivals has faded. These days, more and more time is spent at home, avoiding the dangerous outdoors. I have brought 3 live performance videos that will give us, at least a little bit of strength, to […]

MZ generation leading the golf trend

Minjun Son 2021. 10. 19 Graphic source: Business Watch                   In the past, golf was considered one of the most barrier-to-entry sports. Golf had a strong image as a sport only for the middle-aged, especially the wealthy. However, the image of golf now has changed 180 degrees from the past, and the number of MZ […]

Live commerce, changing the paradigm of shopping

Minjun Son 2021. 10. 19 Image Source: Sauce live                   As we become accustomed to untact life, many aspects of our lives have changed. There was also a major change in consumption patterns. The proportion of online consumption exceeded that of offline consumption for the first time in January last year, and the proportion of […]

Dairy with no cows – Is that possible?

Lee Sooyeon p.c: Green Queen            We’ve grown used to oat milk and soya milk. However, now a food-tech startup is taking alternative milk to the next level. California-based Perfect Day uses fungi to make dairy protein that is “molecularly identical” to the protein in cow’s milk, says co-founder Ryan Pandya. That means it can […]

How comedians gained huge popularity on YouTube

 If you ask young people which comedians are the most popular in Korea now, most people will choose the YouTube channel <pisik University>. With the abolition of comedy programs by public broadcasters, young comedians headed to YouTube looking for substitutes. Among such comedian YouTubers, the most popular and trendy people are the members of the […]