University freshman welcome party held by metaverse

Yugyeong Jeong Universities that are difficult to hold a welcome party for new students due to COVID-19 held a welcome party through the metaverse campus in the virtual reality world. Students from 31 countries around the world gathered in the virtual auditorium. After listening to the professors and seniors, they expressed their emotions through emoticons […]

Domino’s Pizza Delivers Pizzas with Drones

Yugyeong Jeong The ‘Pizza Drone Delivery Service’, which allows you to receive pizza delivered by drone, will start on August 22 in Sejong City. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MOLIT) announced that they will start their service through collaboration with a domestic drone company ‘Pilot Square (P-Square)’ and a pizza chain company […]

What’s the difference between KF-94 and KN-95 Masks?

Lee Sooyeon p.c: retailers              Now that the Delta variant is spreading quickly throughout the world, keeping track of which masks we should wear to protect ourselves and the people around us from COVID-19 has been even more important. Earlier in the pandemic, when N95 masks were in short supply and recommended only for medical […]

ESG, why is it so important?

2021.09.14 Minjun Son Image Source: 우리문화신문 ESG management is emerging as a high interest among companies these days. The reason ESG, which stands for corporate environment, society, and governance, is attracting attention is that more and more companies are pursuing sustainable management. The basic purpose of ESG is not to simply increase sales, but to […]

Let’s go for a run and save the Earth!

2021.09.14 Minjun Son Image Source: iStock Photo People run with trash bags in disposable gloved hands. When you find trash, stop running and bend over. The heavier the garbage bag, the more difficult it is to breathe. When you get to your destination and look back, you can see the clean streets. Take a ‘certification […]

A whole new world – The Metaverse of SKT

Lee Sooyeon              Have you heard of ‘Metaverse’?If you have, how would you define the metaverse? Is it one metaverse? Is it multiple metaverses? Is the term metaverse the term we should use? Is the metaverse here, or is it being created? So many questions arise when one is asked to define the term metaverse. […]

Beyond the ‘virtual playground’ of teenagers… Evolving metaverse

2021.09.07 Minjun Son Image source: SM Entertainment              Teenagers meet friends in an online virtual space and enjoy fireworks in the night sky. They also buy new products from the luxury brand Gucci. A virtual influencer created by computer graphics also serves as a brand model. All of this is happening in a space called […]

‘Waste-Free World’ and change of companies

Yugyeong Jeong Coca-Cola According to the BBC, beverage company Coca-Cola is collaborating with Danish paper container developer Paboco to launch a prototype of Adez, a fruit soda in a paper bottle this summer. The prototype is made of super-strong paper shells, and is designed to be 100% recyclable, composed of bio-based materials that are resistant […]