After visiting famous “Audio Experience Stores”

Park Jeonghun There are many retailers who sell earphones in their stores. Some sell them online, others sell them offline. As a rationally behaving consumer, it is always wise to buy good quality products at the lowest price. Buying at a low price is always desirable only in one condition; “You should buy genuine earphones […]

Experiencing Studio Audience in Korea

Have you ever seen people who are called ‘studio audience’, while you are watching a TV program? Those people are not actors or singers. They are audience who provide applause and laughter to the program’s soundtrack. When I first saw them on one TV program, I thought ‘I really want to go to a TV […]

A Rising Star: The Free Radio Streaming Application ‘BEAT’

Today, literally everyone uses smartphones in their lives. People can listen to music from worldwide at any time by smartphones without mp3 players. YouTube and SNS offers you live concert videos and recent news of your favorite singers real-time. The concept of possessing mp3 (sound source) files of certain songs has moved to the concept of using […]