Get Used to Korean Burgers!

Shake Shack Burger launched in Seoul on 2016. Many people were interested in the famous burger chain. Same as the most of the Koreans I was also one of the people that were expecting to try the premium burger from the east America. Right after the opening of the store, many people came to the only store in Seoul Gangnam to try Shake Shack by waiting about an hour.

I think after the entrance of Shake Shack many Koreans became interested in American buyers like in and out and five guys. But there are still many burgers in Korea and I want to introduce these burgers

Shake Shack in New York City

Map for McDonald’s and Mom’s Touch (Source: Google Maps)

  1. Lotteria (롯데리아)

For foreigners, many people can say that it’s an imitation of McDonald’s. Lotteria does similar processes with McDonald’s. Still, there are many menus that people can only try in the Lotteria Korea. The biggest difference in the burger will be the Korean Bulgogi Burger (불고기버거). Nowadays we can also see the same Bulgogi Burger in MacDonald’s and many other burger chains. But the origin of the Bulgogi Burger is from Lotteria. Many people say that Bulgogi Burger from Lotteria is way better than the other bulgogi burgers. Also, there are many unique things that people can find only in Korea Lotteria. Most of the Lotteria stores are selected as a Pokemon Stop and a Pokemon Gym. Lotteria made a contract with the Pokemon Go game and people in the Lotteria could enjoy their food and their game. Another thing to be surprised is that in some branches sell fried chicken.

Source: Lotteria

Source: Lotteria

  1. Mom’s Touch (맘스터치)

This store is was a revolution for the people that were tamed to existing fast-food chains. Well for me it was a revolution. Mom’s touch is a domestic fast-food chain that sells burgers and chicken. Then let’s take a look around what Wikipedia introduces our domestic fast-food chain.

Mom’s Touch (Hangul: 맘스터치), is a chicken burger chain based in South Korea. As of 2015, the chain had over 650 retail stores in South Korea.[1] The companies name comes from the thought that their food is made the same way your mom would make for your family.’ Wikipedia gives us a brief introduction about Mom’s touch. The store sells chicken patty burgers because it’s actually a chicken restaurant. But many people recognize it as a burger store. The reason I felt this burger was a revolution was that of the patty and the price. There are also chicken burgers in other fast-food chains like Macdonald’s, Burger King, and so on. But the burger can’t stand against the burger from Mom’s touch. Also the cost of a burger meal is the same as a single burger in other stores.



  1. Korean Menus in famous burger chains

Mcdonald’s and Burger King are global stores that have to make localization strategy. Those for Korea are quite fun. Even if we compare the two home pages of America and Korea Mcdonald’s there is a large difference. The menus are quite different also in Burger King. The most amazing service for foreigners will be the delivery services. The service will be available due to the concentration of the population. Bringing the Big-Macs and Whoppers right in front of your house will be a revolution for people not from intense areas.

McDonald’s in the USA (Source:

McDonald’s in Korea (Source:

McDelivery in Korea (Source:


Article by Jonghyuk from Korea, a Sophomore in Business Administration

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