Generational conflict in the workplace and SK Innovation’s ‘Generation Empathy Clan’

Yugyeong Jeong SK Innovation officially disbanded the ‘Generation Empathy Clan’, which was organized to form generational empathy among members of the Ulsan Complex (Ulsan CLX). The ‘Generation Empathy Clan’ was made up of 27 representatives of members who voluntarily decided to resolve the generational conflict in the workplace and change the organization and culture. […]

Taiwan’s Paradox of “Global Defense Prevention Model”

Minjun Son 021.05.25 Taiwan, which was regarded as a model country for quarantine in the world, is suffering belatedly due to the rapid increase in COVID 19 confirmed cases. Until now, strict isolation, large-scale inspections, and strict fines have prevented infectious diseases. However, as the virus outbreak prolonged over a year, a hole was eventually […]

The opening of the Tokyo Olympics becomes unclear as US is considering absence

Minjun Son 2021.05.25 On the 24th, 60 days before the opening of the Tokyo Olympics, concerns are rising over whether the Olympics can be held properly as the United States raised travel warnings for Japan due to the risk of COVID 19 in Japan. If the United States decides to absent from the Olympics because […]

Hyundai Motor Company’s earnings increase without labor disputes

Yugyeong Jeong In September of last year, the basic wage was frozen in 11 years and a dispute-free agreement was reached for two years in a row without a strike, resulting in changes in the labor-management relations of Hyundai Motors. Following the currency crisis in 1998 and the global financial crisis in 2008, they joined […]

Jerusalem conflict: international community appeals to Israel and Palestine

Minjun Son 2021.05.12 Jerusalem, home to several holy places, is the most sensitive area in the decades-long conflict between Israel and Palestine. In Jerusalem, along with religious importance, there is also Israel’s national claim. Israel annexed East Jerusalem and considered the whole of Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel, but most other countries do […]

Revision of electric kickboard law

Yugyeong Jeong From May 13th, the Road Traffic Act was revised and implemented to prevent accidents with Personal Mobility (PM). Previously, individuals 13 years of age or older were able to drive personal mobile devices such as electric kickboards without a driver’s license. However, as the law was revised, people without a motor license cannot […]

Military’s Poor Meal

Hajon Lee Recently, there has been numerous reports on the anonymous military community page on facebook reporting the poor conditions of meal soldiers were treated with. It first started with the controversy of quarantine soldiers who were given less than other soldiers. However it seemed like it wasn’t only for the quarantine soldiers, but for […]

GS25 Male Hating Poster Controversy

Hajon Lee South Korea has been and still is in the middle of war between men and women. Recently, the convenience store, GS25, one you’ve probably been to at least once has been at the center of controversy over male hatred with this specific event poster. In response to strong protests from men, GS25 deleted […]