What is a Carnivore Diet?

Sooyeon Lee Carnivore diet usually refers to eating meat only without having vegetables. While there’s no official definition, think of the carnivore diet as a diet that includes “only foods that either walked, swam, or flew,” says Kelly Schmidt, RD, a holistic dietitian in private practice in Columbus, Ohio. While it may be a trend, “eating only meat […]

Afternoon Tea in Korea

Hajon Lee Want to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee with some delightful dessert? Well I have something just right for you. Afternoon tea is one of the best ways to relax and have a chat with a friend. Enjoying tea with snacks in an ambiguous afternoon between lunch and dinner is said to […]

Ready to Cook?

– The Best Youtube Cooking Channels Sooyeon Lee                   As many of us are not a professional cook, we need help – usually most of the time – when cooking. Easiest way to get help? Obviously the Youtube might be a choice. These are some of the best worldwide cooking channels on Youtube that might […]

The Reason Why People Have a ‘Starbucks’ a Day

Lee Sooyeon In Korea, you can easily find people having Starbucks in the morning, at lunchtime and even after work. Starbucks products are always an issue, and it is hard to find a place to seat at Starbucks in the weekend. It seems like it is more than just a cafeteria. Then why is Starbucks […]

Efficacy of Popular Traditional Ingredients

Yugyeong Jeong Beyond the trend of sweet and salty foods (childish palate) and spicy foods, ‘The palate of Grandmother’ called ‘Halmae Ipmat’ is in these days. People with this appetite mainly seek foods that use traditional ingredients that give off a savory taste. Ingredients such as black sesame, mugwort, and red bean may feel old, […]

Enjoy Your Starbucks at Home!

Minjun Son One of the most popular franchise coffee shop in Korea and the world, obviously, Starbucks is coming to your home! Starbucks Korea is planning to expand the service after selecting multiple pilot stores within this year and starting testing. The number one coffee shop in Korea, the only large coffee brand that did […]

What Should You Try During Chuseok!

Minjun Son Are you excited for the upcoming holidays? Chuseok(추석), also called as Hangawi(한가위) is a Korean traditional Thanksgivings day, celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar on the full moon. This year, the holiday starts on September 30th until October 2nd and luckily thanks to the weekend, we […]

Yogurt: A Spoonful of Delight

Sooyeon Lee These days, many people are looking for healthy and delicious well-being food. One of the rising healthy food is ‘yogurt’. Yogurt is basically a food produced by bacterial fermentation of milk. The bacteria used to make yogurt are known as yogurt cultures. The fermentation of lactose by these bacteria produces lactic acid, which […]