Daegu Part 4

Pratibha Hey Fam!!!!!! I am back with another part (also this is not the last part 🙃)….. So, where were we????? Yes, we are going to look at the last 2 activities of this trip today…. Well, after a small journey to Korean History then we went to the Korean herb/ medicinal centre where we […]

A Beautiful Rest : Temple Stay

Park chae eun Have you heard of Temple Stay? Temple stay means staying in a temple. It is a program where you can stay in a temple away from the city, healing and experience Buddhist culture and its temples. Currently, 139 temples in Korea operate temple stay programs. More than 6 million people have experienced […]

Festival period at Hanyang University

Park chae eun The festival season has come to school!! The spring season festival, “Rachios,” was suspended for three years due to non-face-to-face school life during COVID-19. And at last, it was held again in 2022. So it is more meaningful! The festival will be held throughout Hanyang University’s all-campus places for three days. May […]

Summer Best Chilling Place

Rowie Eka Helloooo ALL!!! These days, Seoul is hot! Even today it reaches 30°Celcius which is the hottest day since the winter… That’s why I want to recommend it to you guys. Maybe you know this brand but don’t know where it is located. It is Baskin Robin!!! So, if you don’t know, this store […]

Korean Movie Snacks

Mingi Woo Have you ever visited a cinema in Korea? Well, there is one unique feature of Korean cinemas – their movie snacks. Today, I will quickly introduce you to some special Korean movie snacks that you might find interesting. Popcorn is the staple of all movie snacks. However, popcorn is done a little differently […]

Daegu Trip Part 2

Pratibha Hellooo!!!! Did you guys like the last part? Let’s continue the journey guys 👏 So, after having a heartful meal, the next location was the Skypark building. Here, the top floor/ rooftop of the building was a mini amusement park. They had a few nice rides however most of them were for kids. They […]

Places to get Lunch at Hanyang University

Mingi Woo Hello, if you are wondering where to get your own food, a simple link here will answer all your questions. ( https://www.hanyang.ac.kr/web/www/re1 ) This link provides the locations and daily menus of all the catering services within our campus. It also includes photos of the menus, which makes it easier to decide on […]

Daegu Trip Part 2

Pratibha Hola!!!!! How is the new semester going on for everyone??? Want a break?? Let me take you on a journey to Daegu… So, if you have read my last blog about the backstory of how I ended up going to Daegu, then let’s start the day-1 of my journey. However, if not, then take […]