Cheap finds near Hanyang

Fanny This week, I’m writing about some of my favourite places to go to near Wangshimni station and Hanyang University. Not only do they offer delicious food and drinks, they are pretty cheap! Which is always appealing to us students. So here’s the list: Pizza School Red Cups Juicy bar Waffle University 1.Pizza School 32-17, […]

Welcome to the Chicken World

You might notice that you are now living in the country of chickens. Korea has a lot of fried chicken franchises, each with its own signature menu and other varieties of fried chicken. At first, when you try just fried chicken, you may be surprised by how much the fried chicken can be that crispy […]

Cheap Self-cocktail

Lee Anna Many foreigners are surprised by Korean’s culture. Koreans can start drinking when they become 20 in Korean age or the year they turn 19 in international age, which is quite younger than other countries’ minimum age. When someone asks his friend, ‘Let’s go and have a drink’, it doesn’t just mean that ‘we […]

If you want to order some food – delivery food around the school (by Yongshin)

What do you eat mostly for dinner? As you know Hanyang University is on top a slope, and the business building is too far from Wangsimni, where many restaurants are. It takes so much time and energy to go there; not to mention you can be late for class. In that time, using delivery system […]

If you are sick of Soju and Beer, Try different kinds of Makgeollis! (by Jeongmok)

If you are foreign incoming students in Korea, you may have heard different kinds of alcohol drinks such as Soju and Makgeolli. Today I would like to introduce different types of Makegolli that you can try in different places of the Korean peninsula. For instance, there are 4 big categories of French wine, which are […]

The magical Korean sauce: Cham-gi-ruem (Roasted Sesame Oil) (by Jeong Mok)

In Korean foods, 7 out of 10 dishes are made with Cham-gi-ruem. It is made with milled sesame seeds, and it has a rich and nutty/buttery flavor and gives a unique taste to most Korean foods. Cham-gi-ruem is one of the most common ingredients used in Korean cuisine. For instance, Cham-gi-ruem is used to season […]


Hey guys~~I’m back again with introducing reachable cocktail bars inside Seoul. Did you guys spend your whole week drinking only soju and beer again? EWWW~~Today, I will be introducing cocktail bars in HONGDAE, which is one of the hottest places for enjoying your youth. Let’s jump into hotte hotte hongdae~ HONGDAE UNIVERSITY STATION GORILLA LOUNGE […]

Meet the World at Mangwon!

Mangwon (망원) is an adjacent neighborhood to Hapjeong (합정) and Hongdae (홍대). The neighborhood consisted mostly of residential area until fancy restaurants and coffee shops started moving in a couple of years ago. Continuous rise of rent in Hongdae led to a gradual, yet significant movement in nearby neighborhoods including Mangwon. Mangwon has become the […]