New Bloggers for 2023 Winter Semester

Hello, my name is Pratibha. I am from India. I am a regular international student at the Business School of Hanyang. I am a freshman here. Being a foreigner myself, living and experiencing things from a foreigner’s perspective will allow me to present Korea from a different perspective. I am an introvert and I don’t […]

New Bloggers for 2023 Winter Semester

Hello everyone! I am Min Gi Woo, I am Mingi Woo currently a sophomore and will be moving up as a Junior next year. This is my first In-School activity after I finished my mandatory military service in the Summer. I am still adjusting to the outside world, which makes me nervous but also excited […]

New Bloggers for 2021 Fall Semester

Hello everyone :) I’m Donggyu Lee, the new reporter of HUBS! I think I’m living a very different life before and after COVID-19. Before COVID-19, I really liked to play outside. I liked to see various exhibitions and pretty places, but most of all, I really liked EDM Festivals. At that time, I attended all […]

New Bloggers for 2021 Fall Semester

Hello everyone. I’m Do Yeub Lim, sophomore majoring in Business Administration. I’m glad to be a member of HUBS reporter this semester. I will do my best at sharing interesting news by writing a good article. I am planning to deal with business related topics mostly, but I will also try to share ideas about […]

New Bloggers for 2021 Spring Semester

Hello, all :) We are happy to introduce 6 new bloggers for 2021 Spring Semester. Lee Sooyeon ( Hi everyone, I am Sooyeon Lee from the Business School. For those who are new here, this is my third time as a HUBS reporter. I have been writing about interesting Seoul spots to visit and some tips […]

New Bloggers for 2020 Fall Semester

Hello all :) We are happy to introduce 2 old and 2 new bloggers for 2020 Fall Semester. Hajon Lee What up readers! You’re probably familiar with me and my articles. It’s an honor to be back from last year and once again be your Hanyang English Reporter. From my previous article I told you […]

[End of Term] 2020 Spring MyHUBS Reporters

Kim Ga Eun [My Last Article as a My HUBS Reporter] It’s really unbelievable that I am writing my last article as a hubs reporter for this semester. I think this semester went so fast because of studying through online class. I wanted to meet many foreign students through this activity, but I feel sad […]

New Bloggers for 2020 Spring Semester

Hello, all :) We are happy to introduce 7 new bloggers for 2020 Spring Semester. 1. Donghoon Lee Hello, I am Donghoon Lee, I will be writing blog articles about my personal experiences in Hanyang University this semester. This is my second year in HUBS, and in the first year at HUBS, I had a great […]