Namyangju Water Garden

Gaeun Kim Getting hotter and hotter these days, we feel stuffy inside home and want to escape to other places outside. Because of final exam, I couldn’t go anywhere but stay at home, finishing assignments and studying for exam. I had to see beautiful flowers and sceneries only through photos and videos. So today I […]

Trip to Jeju Island

Hajon Lee If you are wondering where to visit after exams are over and basically this semester, one of the best choices would be Jeju Island. However, please do be aware that Covid-19 is still a threat in this island and staying at home is highly recommended. Before anything else, you would need to book […]

One-day Trip to Gangneung

Gaeun Kim Before the final exam period, I went to Gangneung on a one-day trip with my friend because I wanted to feel some cool breeze with no people around me. I arrived at Gangneung station by KTX train. The atmosphere at station was quite serene because it was Wednesday. We first went to Gangmun […]

Gapyeong, Holiday Near Seoul

Donghoon Lee Gapyeong is one of the greatest places to go on a holiday. It is very close to Seoul, which means, you can arrive to Gapyeong by subway. It only takes around 90 minutes from Hanyang University. It has really great scenery. Gapyeong is one of the places where a lot of Korean university […]

Parks Where You Can Heal in This Summer

Gaeun Kim As midterm week goes by, I’ve been planning to visit some spacious and large places to ride a bike and get some cool, fresh air after midterm exam. So, today I’m going to introduce and recommend some popular places where you can ride bikes with your friends or family. Actually, I don’t have […]

The Korean Demilitarized Zone

Lee Jung As most of you are well aware, the political and diplomatic complications between South and North Korea are still on-going. Korea is the one of the only two divided nations in the world, along with Cyprus. Since the Korean Civil War and the Armistice Agreement, which put an end to the war, the […]

Korean pork bbq :‘더 서민 구이’ (The SeoMin Gooie)

Youn Seng Min Hi guys! How was your weekend? I hope you didn’t have to stay home and study all weekend… Honestly, I myself have much to catch up. Despite the fact that I have four upcoming exams for which I should have started studying last week, I decided to go drinking with my friends […]

Want to experience the K-POP culture?: go to SM TOWN ARTIUM

Kim Min Jung These days, K-POP is popular all over the world and there are big fandom cultures among many K-POP fans. This is considered a special feature of Korean pop culture. If you are a big fan of K-pop yourself and want to not only listen to K-pop music but also have a special […]