Spring has come to Hanyang University!

Junho Jeong At the end of March, Spring came to Seoul. Cherry blossoms bloomed beautifully at Hanyang University too, and many students took pictures at school to make memories before the cherry blossoms fell. There are especially many flowers around Hanyang University in spring, including on the way to Wangsimni Station and along the Jungnangcheon […]

HUBS Acquires Prestigious AACSB Business Accreditation Three Consecutive Times

School of Business (Dean Gyu Chang Yu) at Hanyang University has achieved accreditation for five additional years in three consecutive times by AACSB International – The Associate to Advance collegiate Schools of Business. Founded in 1916, AACSB International is the longest serving global accrediting body for business schools that offer undergraduate, master’s and doctoral degrees […]

Do You Know the Symbol of Hanyang?

Lee Sooyeon Most of the universities in Korea have their own symbols, either an animal or a tree. Hanyang also has its own symbols, but it is true that not many people know all of them or know them correctly. Now let’s take a look at the symbols of Hanyang. 1. Symbol Logo This logo […]

Interesting University Student Cultures in Korea

Nam Seung Hyun Situation 1 I have a serious problem here. I’ve just moved into Korea few weeks ago and started my University life in 00 University. I heard that Age is an important factor in relationships with people in the Korean society. We should use polite words like “~입니다, ~요” to older people or […]

Bibimbap and Bossam at Hanyang Plaza

Donghoon Lee There are great places to eat at Hanyang University. One of them is the food court in the first floor of Hanyang Plaza. Under my experiences of having various menus at the Hanyang Plaza, I would like to introduce my Top 2 favorite dishes. Beef Bibimbap The first one is the Beef Bibimbap. […]

Apps that Helps Us Go Paper-free in Campus

Lee Sooyeon Recently, a lot of people are going paper-free using many different types of IT devices. Students in the campus also use laptops and tablet PCs instead of having printed papers and books, since it is not only convenient but also environmentally friendly. Especially, students using I-pad are increasing, and various kinds of note-taking […]

Places to Study in Wangsimni

You can easily find Hanyang students studying for exams or working on their projects in the school library or school cafeterias. However, many of the students also study outside the campus, in different places in Wangsimni. Here are some places to recommend. (Those in brackets are their locations) Heung-Sin-So Cafeteria (서울 성동구 왕십리로 231) Business […]

Places You Can Make Your Own Handmade Product Near Our School

Gaeun Kim Today I’ll introduce some places near our school where you can make some hand-made soap, candle, pottery. I think creating your own things in a complex and chaotic world like these days can be meaningful experience for everyone. I’m going to introduce two places which are located near Seongsu station. First place is […]