Things you can do at the student council office

Alice Hong (Gayoung) In March, you guys might have seen several students wearing yellow hoodies and singing songs while holding pickets. You guys might have wondered, ‘Who are they?’ They were the candidates of the Hanyang Business School’s student council. Their name is ‘Gong-gam.’ They had a re-election because they fell short of turnout polls […]

Welcome to the Chicken World

You might notice that you are now living in the country of chickens. Korea has a lot of fried chicken franchises, each with its own signature menu and other varieties of fried chicken. At first, when you try just fried chicken, you may be surprised by how much the fried chicken can be that crispy […]

PC Bang (PC room)

Sooin Mun As you start your year in Hanyang University, you will be taking part of a quite a few numbers of group projects. Then, most likely you’ll be working with at least 2 to 5 classmates that will be a mix of foreign and Korean students. You may encounter some language barriers as well […]

Must-do this April

By Fanny Coming up: a list of amazing and awesome events right here in Seoul! As students settle back into their school routines, weekends are the time to go out on adventures. As an exchange student myself, I want to explore and discover Seoul while I am here. So here are a few activities completely […]

How much can you enjoy ‘Spring’?

Alice Every year, when spring starts to appear all around, everyone in Korea anticipates seeing the beautiful flowers along the street. One of the most beautiful flowers that bloom in April should be Cherry Blossoms. Actually, the most famous place to see the cherry blossom is supposed to be Japan, which is near South Korea. […]

End of Term (by Jungmok)

Hello everyone, this is Jung Mok and I cannot believe that my time as a myHUBS reporter for the fall semester has come to an end. Time really flies. First, I would like to thank the Business school International department, especially Ms.Aram Lee, for full heartedly supporting our reporters team. Furthermore, thank you so much […]

My time as a blog writer for HUBS (by Annie)

My time as a blog writer for HUBS was an excellent opportunity for me to explore Seoul and share my discoveries with international students that weren’t comfortable living abroad yet. HUBS was a way for me to get involved in the many events that take place in Seoul. If not for the blogs, I wouldn’t […]

My last article for this semester (by Yongshin)

This is the last article of this semester for me. It was the 2nd semester that I worked as a hubs blogger. One of the biggest changes of this semester was that I tried to write various types of articles. Last semester, I mostly write articles about places to go near Seoul. It was my […]