Militar reserve force in Korea.

Sooin Moon In Korea, every healthy and viable man must fulfill their obligatory military period. They must serve about 21 months and more, depending on where you apply for. After their service, they will come back to society as a member of the reserve force. What is the reserve force? It’s a way to keep […]

Say Hi to out Bloggers for the 2018 Fall Semester

Name: Kim Yunkun 김윤건 Where you are from: KoreaAge: 24 Fun fact or experience about yourself: This is my second time working as a reporter for the HUBS Blog and wish to share more with you guys! I am currently developing a mobile game and hope to finish it as soon as possible! Name: JungHoon […]

My life as a MyHubs reporter

Kaylin It doesn’t seem possible but my semester at Hanyang is coming to an end. It has been a semester that I will never forget for the rest of my life. I have made so many new friends from all over the world and experienced things that I would never had experienced back home. I […]

My life as a MyHubs reporter

Moon Sooin When this semester started, I received an email from Hanyang University. It was about recruiting reporters for English blog that is supposed to be an informational blog for foreign students who came to Hanyang University to study for a semester. The moment I read the email, I was very excited to be a […]

My experience at Hanyang

Fanny 2018 spring edition This semester was full of adventures and new memories made with people I met and will remember probably forever. This was my first exchange and first time out of my home country for so long. I will say I was glad with my university choice and overall decision to come to […]

My first semester at Hanyang, as a freshman

Gayoung Hong (Alice)           Hello, I am Alice. How was your semester in Hanyang? It feels like it has only been a few days since I received my certificate of entrance for Hanyang but it is the end of the semester now…! Time flies like an arrow. My semester as a freshman was wonderful. I […]

About having a group project in Korea

Sooin Moon I’ve been living in foreign countries for almost 10 years, going to international schools and sometimes local schools, which gave me a lot of experience in group projects with many different cultural backgrounds. And then, coming back to Korea, and getting involved in lots of group works in business major classes, gave me […]

Mukbang in convenience store

Anna Lee I am sure that Japan is famous for having bunch of stuffs in convenience store. They have not only fast-food, they also have fish cakes that are put in boiling soup, luxurious lunch box, cake, dessert and so on. However, Korea is not that far behind in having great stuff in our convenience […]