Hanyang Spring Festival 2023! RACHIOS! 

Rowie Eka Hello! Today I have some interesting news! So, our school Festival is back again!!! In the previous week our university held a Festival which is held every semester which is called RACHIOS. This Spring semester the Festival was held on 24-26 May 2023 on our campus field (노천)  In the festival there are […]

Festival period at Hanyang University

Park chae eun The festival season has come to school!! The spring season festival, “Rachios,” was suspended for three years due to non-face-to-face school life during COVID-19. And at last, it was held again in 2022. So it is more meaningful! The festival will be held throughout Hanyang University’s all-campus places for three days. May […]

Seoul Art Center

Mingi Woo Hello guys, today I wanted to introduce a special place I like to go for a stroll. For art lovers, I think this will be a great location to visit. It is called the Seoul Art Center, or 예술의전당 in Korean. As stated on their website, Seoul Art Center is the most representative […]

Business School Hanyang Brain Scholarship

Rowie Eka HELOOOO EVERYONE!!! It has been long time since I finished my midterm exam! I’m coming back with an amazing news which is about our friends in Business Building who are Excellence on their Academic Performance. So Hanyang University provide scholarship which is called Hanyang Brain for students who are selected based on the […]

Places to get Lunch at Hanyang University

Mingi Woo Hello, if you are wondering where to get your own food, a simple link here will answer all your questions. ( https://www.hanyang.ac.kr/web/www/re1 ) This link provides the locations and daily menus of all the catering services within our campus. It also includes photos of the menus, which makes it easier to decide on […]

Introducing the best concentrated Spot at Hanyang University – Holmz!

Park Chae-eun The examination period is approaching. Attention everyone looking for a studying place!  Let me introduce you to a special place, Holmz. Location: Holmz is located 1 minute away from Hanyang University Station on Line 2 and is located on the 2nd and 4th floors of Hanyang Plaza. HOLMZ is an abbreviation for hanyang […]

Hanyang Basketball Match

Rowie Eka Hello, everyone! Last Tuesday our school basketball team has a BIG BIG match with Korea University!! The match was held in the Gymnasium building from 5 o’clock in the afternoon and lasted for around 2 hours. Before the match started, each team has a warm-up session on each side. AND THE MATCH STARTS! […]

Spring has come to Hanyang University!

Junho Jeong At the end of March, Spring came to Seoul. Cherry blossoms bloomed beautifully at Hanyang University too, and many students took pictures at school to make memories before the cherry blossoms fell. There are especially many flowers around Hanyang University in spring, including on the way to Wangsimni Station and along the Jungnangcheon […]