Sports clubs in Hanyang university (by Jonghyuk)

Maniac Maniac is Hanyang University’s basketball club. The club is always open for students that are interested and have a passion about basketball. The club has open access to any one regardless of age, grade, and major. The club wants to capture the full attention from many of the basketball people on campus. They are all ways […]

If you want to order some food – delivery food around the school (by Yongshin)

What do you eat mostly for dinner? As you know Hanyang University is on top a slope, and the business building is too far from Wangsimni, where many restaurants are. It takes so much time and energy to go there; not to mention you can be late for class. In that time, using delivery system […]

Lounges you can linger on in the campus Part 1 (by Yongshin)

Where do you go when you don’t have class in school? You might need some places to rest for a while or to do your assignment. For these reasons, there are many lounges in school for students. Today I’d like to introduce various lounges in campus. Sinhan lounge – Business building First one is the […]

Lounges you can linger on in the campus Part 2 (by Yongshin)

HIT lounge – HIT building You might have seen HIT building but might not know the main purpose of the building. HIT building is mostly for startup businesses and employments. You can find information about employment at HIT building. Also, there is a startup center, so you can also get some help if you are […]

Life as a myHUBS Reporter (by Yongshin)

It was the first semester that I wrote articles at myhubs. I can summarize my articles into two different topics. First, I have been interested in getting around Seoul. Last year, I participated at Seoul citizen ambassador and went many places in Seoul (서울) which is not a famous tourist site. Myhubs is the blog […]

Life as a myHUBS Reporter (by Jonghyuk)

We had fun with the reporters, Hoon, and Ahram. We had variety of ages and nationalities but every time we met at Monday we were as if old friends. First, we met and talked about where we are from and the things that we are interested. It was a good experience to share stories about […]

Life as a myHUBS Reporter (by Jieun)

This is my last semester at Hanyang and there’s a lot going on in my mind right now. One thing I know for sure though, among all these crazy, confusing feelings about graduating, is that I’m glad I get to finish college with something to remember. I never really engaged myself in any school-related activities […]

Life as a myHUBS Reporter (by Hee-sun)

Now the semester of MyHUBS has come to an end. Writing English articles for a blog was a new experience for me. Although writing articles according to the deadline was quite difficult for me, it was fun to know the writers of MyHUBS. I have always wanted to give information to people who visit Korea, […]