MZ generation leading the golf trend

Minjun Son 2021. 10. 19 Graphic source: Business Watch                   In the past, golf was considered one of the most barrier-to-entry sports. Golf had a strong image as a sport only for the middle-aged, especially the wealthy. However, the image of golf now has changed 180 degrees from the past, and the number of MZ […]

Live commerce, changing the paradigm of shopping

Minjun Son 2021. 10. 19 Image Source: Sauce live                   As we become accustomed to untact life, many aspects of our lives have changed. There was also a major change in consumption patterns. The proportion of online consumption exceeded that of offline consumption for the first time in January last year, and the proportion of […]

Simple tips on finding a really good restaurant in Korea

DONGGYU LEE It is not easy to find a proper restaurant in the flood of information. Most of the recommended restaurants posted on blogs and portal sites are advertising posts. Even if it doesn’t seem to be an advertising post at all, if you scroll down to the bottom of the post and take a […]

Travel in the Corona Era with ‘Travel Bubble’

Yugyeong Jeong Demand for overseas travel, which has plummeted along with the ‘With Corona’ trend and the expansion of the ‘Travel Bubble’, is increasing. The travel bubble is exempting tourists from quarantine measures according to agreements between countries. In the COVID-19 situation, it is a system that allows free tourism only to countries that are […]

Nobel Prize in Economics, Winners Searching for Methods to Overcome the Limitations of Social Sciences

Yugyeong Jeong In 2021, the 53rd Nobel Prize in Economics was awarded jointly by American economist David Card, a professor at the University of California at Berkeley, Joshua Angrist, a professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and Guido Imbens, a professor at Stanford University. Professor David Card, one of the masters in the […]

About Stocks and Bonds Investments

Lim, Do Yeub (From Corporate Finance Institute) According to data from World Federation of Exchanges, the value of the world stock market was estimated at about 89 trillion dollars last year. How about the bond market? According to data from SIFMA, the value of the global bond market was about 123 trillion dollars last year. […]

Dairy with no cows – Is that possible?

Lee Sooyeon p.c: Green Queen            We’ve grown used to oat milk and soya milk. However, now a food-tech startup is taking alternative milk to the next level. California-based Perfect Day uses fungi to make dairy protein that is “molecularly identical” to the protein in cow’s milk, says co-founder Ryan Pandya. That means it can […]

Why is < Street Woman Fighter> so trending?

DONGGYU LEE   A program called <Street Woman Fighter>, in which female dancers appear as main characters and compete for their skills, is gaining huge popularity these days. Wherever we go, everyone is talking about <Street Woman Fighter>. This program once caused the ‘Hey Mama’ dance craze across the country.   <Street Woman Fighter>, whose […]