2D Cafe

Pratibha Hey guys!!!!! What you’ll be doing? Let me guess!!!!! Studying for finals?????  Is this correct? umm…..Don’t stress yourself too much. Well, I have some fun places for you to go after finals…..yeahhhhhh So, this is a cafe I came to know through Instagram reels. The name of the cafe is Greem cafe or you […]

2023 Travel Month: June

Park Chae-eun Let me introduce you to a special railroad discount. When you travel in Seoul, you can travel anywhere by subway. However, many domestic destinations besides Seoul include Gangneung, Jeonju, Gyeongju, Pohang, Busan, etc. What kind of transportation should I use to travel outside of Seoul? I recommend KTX. It’s because it’s the fastest […]

Hanyang VS Hongik University Volleyball Match

Rowie Eka Limputra Hello everyone!!! So, on June 1st, what are you doing? Can you think about that? Anything interesting? Because our school volleyball team has an amazing match to start the month!On June 1st, our school volleyball team had a match with Hongik University, or people usually say, Hongdae. This was my first time […]

Amphitheater Café

Mingi Woo Hello, this will be the last article for this semester. This semester has been very busy for me, but I have always tried my best to bring the best content to the table. Since the finals are creeping up, it is important to study in your best condition. What helps you stay in […]

Karrot (Market)

Mingi Woo If you are an exchange student, like most university students, you need a cheaper option to purchase your items, from basic silverware to school supplies. Here in Korea, there is a widely used application called Karrot. Karrot is an online platform, that allows users to exchange goods and services. In some sense, it […]

Daegu Trip- Part 5

Pratibha By Pratibha Hey everyone!!!!!! This is the real real last blog on the Daegu trip. So, how are you all doing? I hope everyone enjoyed the school festival and refreshed themselves. Now let me serve you with some beautiful mountain areas of Daegu. Where were we in the last blog???? Ummm…..yeah, so we had […]

Hanyang Spring Festival 2023! RACHIOS! 

Rowie Eka Hello! Today I have some interesting news! So, our school Festival is back again!!! In the previous week our university held a Festival which is held every semester which is called RACHIOS. This Spring semester the Festival was held on 24-26 May 2023 on our campus field (노천)  In the festival there are […]

Surviving alone in Korea is delicious!

Park chae eun When you stay away from your parents in Korea, how do you eat your meals? Usually, you will go to a restaurant, use a delivery service, or cook by yourself. I will tell you about two useful shopping malls for those who must eat on their own. It is a very convenient […]