End of Term (by Jungmok)

Hello everyone, this is Jung Mok and I cannot believe that my time as a myHUBS reporter for the fall semester has come to an end. Time really flies. First, I would like to thank the Business school International department, especially Ms.Aram Lee, for full heartedly supporting our reporters team. Furthermore, thank you so much […]

My time as a blog writer for HUBS (by Annie)

My time as a blog writer for HUBS was an excellent opportunity for me to explore Seoul and share my discoveries with international students that weren’t comfortable living abroad yet. HUBS was a way for me to get involved in the many events that take place in Seoul. If not for the blogs, I wouldn’t […]

My last article for this semester (by Yongshin)

This is the last article of this semester for me. It was the 2nd semester that I worked as a hubs blogger. One of the biggest changes of this semester was that I tried to write various types of articles. Last semester, I mostly write articles about places to go near Seoul. It was my […]

As a reporter of HUBS (by Jonghyuk)

As a reporter of HUBS This was my second semester working as reporter of HUBS. This semester I was participating in a business strategy academy so I did not have a lot of time to write my articles on time. However, I did participate regularly in the lunch meetings and kept talking about the topics […]

Glitters Farewell party (by Yongshin)

On December 8th, in the Business building, room B104, there was a farewell party hosted by Glitters. The farewell party is the last event of Glitters where members say goodbye to foreign exchange students and make some final memories with them. Since it was the last event of Glitters, nearly 50 students attended at the event. To throw […]

How to economically enjoy Snow Board and Ski in Korea (Part II) (by Jeongmok)

Hi, this is Jung Mok again and today I am going to write about how to practically utilize rental shops to enjoy skiing. There are so many things to prepare for skiing and snowboarding. You need to have decent skis and board clothing to keep warm and prevent injury. Also, you need to bring actual […]

An afternoon out to Donga Ilbo (by Yongshin)

Dongailbo is one of the Top 3 newspaper companies in South Korea. It also has Channel A, which is a broadcasting station. On November 10th, foreign exchange students with Glitters visited Dongailbo. Donga media center which is the head office of Dongailbo is located near Gwanghwamun. You can also visit here by applying at the […]

A walk to Business Building – 3 different routes to get to Business Building(by Yongshin)

There are various ways to get to the business school from Hanyang University station. You might have been concerned about which way to go to business school. Also, you might wonder which way is the fastest way. Therefore, today I’d like to compare about each route from Hanyang University Station to Business School. There are […]