Enjoying a Cultural Night Out at Daelim’s D MUSEUM

Staying in Korea means that there is much to do. However, for those who enjoy a night out at art museum, Daelim’s D MUSEUM (대림 디뮤지엄) is a great choice. Now there is an exhibit called YOUTH, where it shows many different aspects of ‘youth’. D MUSEUM is located in Han-nam (한남). You can go […]

Making Friends in Korea: How to Join Cliques

A lot of foreign students in Hanyang University have problems making Korean friends. Some of them have a hard time making friends because they cannot speak or understand Korean well. But, even if some people who are good in Korean, it is not easy for them to become intimate with people in school. It is because […]

Cultural Aspects Challenging for Foreigners in Korea

Like as always, the spring semester has already kicked off, and it’s been four weeks since the school started. Many exchange students coming from all over the world are getting used to the new surroundings and unique environment in Korea. Among them, I interviewed one student who came from France. She, Elodie Vicini, and I […]

The Best Place to Experience Korean Traditional Culture

A few weeks have already passed since you came to Korea as an exchange student. Are there any special places you want to go, while you are in Korea? Maybe, you can look around clubs in Hongdae (홍대) and go to a bar in Itaewon (이태원) with your friends. There must be lots of opportunity […]

Life in Seoul and at Hanyang University (part 2): General Information

  1. On Campus On campus housing at Hanyang has a 1 am curfew that they did not enforce for foreign students. On campus are mainly Koreans, North Americans, and Asians. I was glad they did not enforce the curfew as I did not need to find other options when I was coming home late. […]

Unexpected Cultural Surprises in Korea: Interactions on Campus and off Campus

It’s a different country, a different culture, which means different ways to interact with people! The interactions and relationships on the college campus and daily life are different in Korea! Here is a quick rundown of interactions between fellow students, your professors, and others!   Senior/Junior (선배/후배) In Korea, there is a word that is […]

Unexpected Cultural Surprises in Korea: Public Transportation (part 2)

This is the second part to our “Public Transportation Etiquette” article. For the first part, please click here.   Quiet Voices and Music, Please Okay. I admit it. I have a problem with this too sometimes. I love talking to my friends on the subway or bus, joking around or discussing about random topics. However, […]

Unexpected Cultural Surprises in Korea: Public Transportation (part 1)

We have previously discussed transportation methods near Hanyang University (click here for the article), and thus, it feels necessary to discuss the proper etiquette of using public transportation in Korea. Before I start, please be reminded that there is no official set of laws that says that you must follow these rules. Do not worry; […]