The review of 2 Korean Coffee Franchises

Jeonghun Park Coffee shops or Cafés are everywhere in Korea. The claim that there are more Starbucks in Seoul than in New York is proven true. So, it would not be wrong to call drinking coffee a national pastime. There are numerous franchises that sell coffee or coffee-based drinks inside their stores.  Some are satisfactory, […]

Animal Cafes Around Seoul

Are you an animal lover? Or do you have a pet from back home, but you wish he or she was with you right now? Well, let me introduce to you the perfect heaven for animal lovers in Seoul where you can pet kitties and play with puppies in a relaxed and cozy environment—animal cafes. […]

Café Craze (part 5)

Mouse Rabbit Café Mouse Rabbit café is a lovely café located by Konkuk University. The café has a very peaceful and serene ambience, and it perfect if you want to read a book or have a calm chat with friends. The café has three floors- the main floor is where you order a drink, the […]

Café Craze (part 4): Airplanes, Buses, and…Ddong?

Air Café Air Café is a cozy café that is perfect for any traveler! The café is stacked with travel books and maps, and makes for a perfect location to plan your next trip! The café menu is made like a passport, and offers special sets such as the Korean set or Singapore set. This […]

Café Craze (part 3) – Sinchon and Sinsa

Chloris Tea Garden This cute little shop will make you feel like you’re out having afternoon tea somewhere in England! With English interior and dainty little tea cups, you’ll forget you’re in Asia. Chloris Tea Garden is located in Sinchon, and it’s a great spot for teatime with friends, or what I like best about […]

Café Craze – Welcome to Korea (part 1)

Cafes are a huge part of the Korean experience. In fact, studies show that Koreans now consume more coffee than they do kimchi and rice! From chain cafes to cat cafes, Korea has just about every type of café imaginable. One of my goals for my four-month exchange is to hit up as many themed […]

Cafes in Seoul

Cafes make up an important part of Korean culture. It is a perfect place for students, couples, or working people of all ages to relax and enjoy some leisure after a long day. It is also a popular place of choice for a date, group meeting, or for people who are simply looking for a […]