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In April, many of my friends went to the great Coldplay concert. The concert was a public interest so the booking for the tickets was almost impossible. Even the concert was about 5 months later the ticketing was already finished after less than a minute. After the failure of the urgent ticketing I thought about the difficulty of foreigners in Korea who want to see some shows.

There are plenty shows that are attractive to foreigners. K-pop performances, sports games like KBL, tours like night tracking in Gyeungbokgung, fan meetings with K-pop stars etc. I will show you how to make some reservations and tell you some tips to book the tickets. I organized the contents by the online booking sites there are some difference between those sites but I will introduce one famous site in priority.


Interpark Ticket (

Interpark Ticket Main Homepage (Source:

The site offers 4 different language so foreigners don’t have to worry. But if you know to read Korean I would recommend using the Korean site. There is many missing information in the English version. Tickets for sports games like KBL are only available in the Korean web page. The sections are split by the types of the concerts.

List of Events (Source:

There are Musicals, concerts, plays, exhibitions, sports games, and operas.

Of course, first you must make an ID of the and log-in.


For example, many foreign people would like to see a 2PM concert. After clicking the concert, you will see a page like this. (See picture above)) The notice says that this booking system is protected by security numbers but you just need to follow my instructions. (See picture below) At the right top of the page you can choose the day to see the concert on the calendar. After choosing the date and press the red button “예매하기” (See picture below). When a page pops up,  just press the red button “다음단계.” (See picture below)




This is the page for security numbers just type the characters you can see. (See picture above) The seats are shown in the page. Some concerts differentiate the cost of the tickets by the place we see the concerts but some fix the price of the concert. Choose the section you want and the page will show you the specific seats that are available to book. Then choose one if the left seats and press the lightening red button “좌석선택완료.” Standing seats are distributed by first section than the number of entrance. So you must choose the right number to enter at the right place (See picture below).


Then the site asks your address to send you your ticket. Tickets for these concerts are only sent once and if you lose your ticket you can never take it back. So, you should write down the correct address and keep the tickets in a right place. (See picture below) Then the final step is left. There are many ways to prepay for the ticket but I would always recommend making a deposit without a bankbook. It is the second button on the top left “무통장입금.” Then agree a few things and the reservation all done. All you have to do is send the money to the given bank account on time. The reason I recommend this way is there is no need to install programs for payment and these programs are distracting. Also in a situation that you have to select the seats in a limited time this way of payment shortens the time to pay.


Except the K-pop concerts there are plenty of things to see in Korea that you must reserve and I would like many foreign people to see all of them. And even site is the most used site to book tickets there are sites like,, that provides various entertainment. To see all the concerts and games you should know how to use these websites. But most of the sites will be similar with above.


Article by Jong Hyuk from Korea, a Sophomore in Business Administration

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