Indie Bookstores in Seoul

If you’ve been in Hanyang (한양대학교) for a while, you’re probably familiar with big bookstores in Seoul (서울). Kyobo Bookstore (교보문고), Youngppong Bookstore (영풍문고) and Bandi&Lunis (반디앤루니스) are some of the biggest bookstore chains all over Korea including Seoul. While these bookstores mostly treat publications from major publishing companies, there are interesting independent local bookstores […]

Meet the World at Mangwon!

Mangwon (망원) is an adjacent neighborhood to Hapjeong (합정) and Hongdae (홍대). The neighborhood consisted mostly of residential area until fancy restaurants and coffee shops started moving in a couple of years ago. Continuous rise of rent in Hongdae led to a gradual, yet significant movement in nearby neighborhoods including Mangwon. Mangwon has become the […]

A Special Friend from Canada

Last summer, I visited Alberta University in Canada through Hanyang University’s (한양대학교) GIC program. At that time I met a buddy who wants to guide me named Maggie. She was Chinese Canadian and she majored Marketing, senior. I was the first time that visited the Canada, so I got lots of helps from her. And […]

Invitation to Yeonnamdong

If you want to adventure to the new place, but feel like enjoying this bright and breezy day, visit Yeonnamdong (연남동) for a day out. This place, Yeonnamdong, has been popular lately among young students and a pair of couples due to the relatively close location to the Hongdae (홍대). Also, this area is called […]

Nightlife in Seoul — Hongdae

Hongdae (홍대) is an area in the west part of Seoul that is known for having a young, lively culture. It is named after Hongik University (홍익대학교), which is one of the best fine arts schools in the nation. It is known for having many restaurants, cafes, and a great nightlife.   Hongdae Playground Hongdae […]

Can You Escape Indoors? (Part 2)

I caught the escape room fever and I went digging for more. I really enjoyed my time at the No Escape, I decided to check out other escape rooms. Seoul Escape to my surprise was even bigger and had a lot more to offer. Located in Hongdae, Gangnam, and Itaewon, if you’ve escaped to Seoul […]

Can You Escape Indoors?

As the temperature begins to head below zero, you might find yourself camping out in your room trying to avoid the cold winter. You might be on the other end, where the sun is fired up and you wouldn’t mind sending some chills down your spine. Or you might be in the middle of both. […]

Café Craze (part 5)

Mouse Rabbit Café Mouse Rabbit café is a lovely café located by Konkuk University. The café has a very peaceful and serene ambience, and it perfect if you want to read a book or have a calm chat with friends. The café has three floors- the main floor is where you order a drink, the […]