Festival period at Hanyang University

Park chae eun

The festival season has come to school!! The spring season festival, “Rachios,” was suspended for three years due to non-face-to-face school life during COVID-19. And at last, it was held again in 2022. So it is more meaningful! The festival will be held throughout Hanyang University’s all-campus places for three days. May 24, 25, and 26.

There is a main stage at ‘Nocheon Theater’. On the main stage, the band, the dance club performance, and the Hanyang Music Festival will be held. Around 8 p.m., a guest artist comes and performs. Last year, Psy, Espa, Jannabi, Dynamic Duo, and Zico came and performed. You can enjoy celebrity performances together and feel like we’re one. To go to the Nocheon Theater, you have to show your student ID to the staff and get an entrance bracelet. The festival staff is guarding the entrance, and you cannot enter without an entrance bracelet. Let’s line up and get the entrance bracelet.

Also, there are several event booths in the parking lot in front of the new materials engineering center. You can play games, take photos in the photo booth, and experience face painting in the booth. There is also an event booth at Hanyang University’s main gate. Since the main gate is crowded with many people, a larger experience-type event booth will be installed. The booth closes in the afternoon, so please look around before the deadline. Also, there is a bar in the big playground. At the bar, students can drink. However, remember that alcohol should be bought yourself, not sold at a bar. Because the Ministry of Education has banned the sale of alcoholic beverages to each university.

Anyway, enjoy the festival and make good memories at Hanyang University.

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