Part-time cleaning to go to a BTS concert…

Down syndrome boy’s dream come true Minjun Son 2021. 11.23 Image source: SOFI Stadium Twitter              A passionate fan of the Korean idol group BTS with developmental disabilities has come true with his earnest dream of going to a BTS concert.              NBCLA, a Los Angeles local broadcaster, reported that 14-year-old Harrison, who suffers from […]

What is Decentralized Finance(DeFi)?

Part 1: Meaning and Benefits DONGGYU LEE [ What is DeFi ]   Decentralized Finance (or simply DeFi) refers to an ecosystem of financial applications running on a blockchain network. Specifically, decentralized finance refers to a movement to create a transparent financial service ecosystem that can be used by anyone and operates without any central […]

Unique Café Culture in Korea

Lee Sooyeon There are many countries that are famous for coffee cultures – Italy, Brazil, and Ethiopia to name but a few. These countries are well-renowned world-wide not only for their coffee, but also for the culture surrounding it. Who doesn’t have fantasies of sitting under the Italian morning sun and enjoying the atmosphere of […]


Lim, Do Yeub Many people in Korea are interested in having specialized jobs nowadays as it is getting harder to start a career. For business school students, the most popular one is a certified public accountant(CPA). The number of applicants for the CPA exam is increasing recently. It was 8,512 people in 2019, and it […]

US semiconductor confidentiality demands and TSMC, Samsung, SK

Yugyeong Jeong At the supply chain countermeasures meeting convened during the G20 summit, President Biden once again made clear to the leaders of his allies his commitment to contain China and build its own supply chain. The list of information submissions that the U.S. is pressing with, emphasizing voluntary submissions by November 8, includes […]

First season of ‘LCK franchise’ showed half success

Minjun Son 2021. 11.02 Image source: TechM The 2021 League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) spring season, which was held for the first time since the introduction of the franchise, has ended. As the size of the league expands along with the improvement of performance, it has succeeded in popularizing it by securing more viewers. […]

Greenflation, the paradox of eco-friendliness

Yugyeong Jeong As the global climate abnormality has become a serious problem, governments around the world are establishing eco-friendly policies. The EU has agreed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 55% compared to 1990 levels by 2030 and impose a border tax on carbon emissions. Korea has set a goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions […]

The dream we shot flew through space

Minjun Son 2021. 10. 26 Image Source: Yonhap News The space launch vehicle ‘Nuriho’(누리호, KSLV-II), made with pure Korean technology, succeeded in achieving its main goal in its first launch. It was a ’15-minute rehearsal’ where many people cheered and looked out into the distant universe. It is a splendid achievement that the development of […]