Introducing 2015-2016 FESTIVALS! (December-January)

Did you remember the article that introduce 2015 fall festivals? This time, I will introduce 2015-2016 winter festivals which are held on December and January. Last time I recommend 4 festivals which are held in Seoul or near Seoul. However, this time, because that period is winter vacation, I will recommend various festivals without limit of region.

1. Sunrise Festivals

In Korea, there is a culture that watch sunrise on first day of new year. So there are many festivals on January 1st in various region. Jeju, Ulsan, Busan, Pohang, and so on. Among them, I will recommend two festivals which are especially more famous to Korean.

  • Homigot Sunrise Festival

This festival is held in Homigot, Pohang-si. Pohang-si is far from Seoul. Maybe it takes four and half hours by car. The reason why this one is famous is because there is a hand shape statue called ‘Hand of Coexistence’. When sunrise, it looks like sun on the hand like the picture above. According to its website, the festival includes local cultural performances, a New Year celebratory event, fire show, sunrise concert and other diverse performances. Also for reflecting on the previous year and create new year resolutions, there are other events such as kite-flying and launching hope balloons with wishes attached. (VISIT KOREA) you can see more detail information such as transportation in its website.




  • Jeongdongjin Sunrise Festival

This one is held in Jeongdongjin, Gangneung-si. It is also far from Seoul but it is more near that Pohang-si. It takes about two hours by car. There are some trains to go to Jeongdongjin. However, it is so popular that it is hard to but ticket. The reason why this is famous is because it was the filming site of the drama called “Sandglass” which was very popular at that time.



2. Christmas Festivals in Amusement Parks

As you know, in winter, there are many festivals or something for fun for enjoying Christmas. Especially, there are festivals in amusement park. I will recommend festivals held by most two famous amusement park in Korea. One is ‘EVERLAND’. It is in Gyeonggi-do. Maybe it takes about one and half hours by cars and there are buses they offer. and other is “Lotte-world”. It is in Jamsil, Seoul. You can go there by taking subway line 2. It is on Jamsil station. If you go there on the festival periods that are not informed yet but maybe from November to December, you can watch Christmas parade at fixed time . You need to buy ticket if you want to enter there or take rides. I recommend to buy tickets for rides because it is almost same price. Also, I recommend to go EVERLAND. Because it is much larger than Lotte-world and you can see fireworks


3. Ice Fishing Festivals

In winter, there are many ice fishing festivals. Usually, these festivals include folk games like traditional sledding and top spinning that our ancestors play in winter. They are held in Gyeonggi-do and Gangwon-do. I’m not sure which one is best because they are really similar. So I leave web site of two festivals whose names are ‘Jaraseom Singsing Winter Festival’ and ‘Pyeongchang Trout festival’ because they are little bit more famous than others. The festival periods are not informed yet but maybe from the end of December to February.

  • ‘Jaraseom Singsing Winter Festival’



  • ‘Pyeongchang Trout festival


These festivals are all I want to recommend. Actually, there are less festivals in winter than fall. Maybe I guess you will travel other region in Korea on vacation. How about enjoying festivals when you travel there?


Article by Yujin from Korea

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