Exhibitions to See, Right Now!

Today, I want to recommend the exhibition that you can enjoy in the winter.

First one is Alessandro Mendini exhibition. It is held in Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP; 동대문디자인플라자). It opens Tuesday to Sunday. (Tuesday~Sunday – 10:00~19:00, Wednesday & Saturday – 10:00~21:00). The price is quite expensive, but I think I will worth it. The university students get 2,000 won discount, which means the entrance fee is 12,000 won. (Original over age 19’s price is 14,000). This exhibition will be continued till February 28th. Alessandro Mendini is the pioneer of post modernism design. In this design exhibition, you can see 600 artworks of his own.


Second one is New Romance exhibition. It is held in National Museum of Contemporary Art Seoul (국립현대미술관-서울관). It opens Tuesday to Sunday. (Tuesday~Sunday – 10:00~18:00, Wednesday & Saturday – 10:00~21:00). This exhibition is cheaper than Alessandro Mendini exhibition. The Adult’s entrance fee is only 4,000 one. You can enjoy the exhibition at only 4,000!! Originally, this exhibition starts from the SF fiction named ‘Neuromancer’. So it will be a good opportunity if you like media art, because this exhibition will lead you to think about the creatures which are not human-being. The New Romance Exhibition will be continued till January 24th.


Third one is The Space Collection. It is held in ‘Daelim Art Museum (대림미술관) ’. You should hurry to see this exhibition because it ends at November 15th. Only ten days left! Also, it is no pressure because it is free. Zero budget problem! It opens Tuesday to Sunday. (Tuesday~Sunday – 11:00~19:00, Thurday – 11:00~20:30). If you are interest in the fashion area, this exhibition will be your playground. In Korea, there is famous fashion designer-Kai Han Hui. In this exhibition, she reinterprets the clothes and show them to people. So, it will be great opportunity to experience new area of fashion. Don’t hesitate to see this if you are fashion people!


The next one is ‘Mi-in exhibition’, meaning the Beauty Exhibition. It is held in Seoul Museum of Art (서울시립미술관). It has entrance fee. The Adult is 9,000 won, and the university students is 7,000 won. And it opes Tuesday to Sunday. (Tuesday~Sunday – 10:30~18:00, Thurday – 10:30~20:30). This exhibition is about the contemporary meaning of the ‘Beauty’. This exhibition will open toll march 20th, so you have plenty of time.

The winter is coming, so why don’t you hang out inside? And I think the best way to play in inside is to see exhibitions. These four exhibitions are just my recommendation, so feel free to see another exhibitions as well. Also, in Korea there are many popular museum that we can see our history. So if you are interest in Korea and want to know more about our ancient culture, it will be good experience to go there. Most of them are free or nearly free so you can enjoy them without any money problem. Enjoy your exhibition!


Article by Shinhwa from Korea

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