5 Little Tips on How to Survive Seoul’s Hot Summer Days

We all know that Seoul (서울) will have some blazing hot summer weather, and we don’t want to spend a fortune on air conditioning and ice cream either. Therefore, below are some survive tips on how to make most of the summer heat while having fun!   1. Eat Cold Noodles (냉면) If you don’t […]

What to Expect in Survival Korean

If you’re coming to Korea without any experience in the Korean language, fear not! Hanyang University offers Korean language classes to its exchange students. There are two types of classes are offered by the university: Intensive Korean, which focuses on immersing students in Korean, and Survival Korean, which focuses on giving students a basic understanding […]


So you are backing your bags to South Korea and you are ready to take on the city of Seoul and all of South Korea. But then, you realize. The official language in South Korea is Korean. But, you don’t really know how to speak Korean. And if, in your case as in mine, you […]