How to Enjoy Korean Barbecue: Pick the Right Side Dishes!

Now that you know the different types of pork cuts, it’s time we talk about side dishes you should never forget when you’re having Korean barbecue. My definition of side dishes in this article is wide-range, so it would include vegetables for ‘쌈(to be explained later),’ cold noodles(냉면) and even soup!   쌈 (Ssam) Maybe […]

All Kinds of Alcohol Mixtures in Korea (Part 3)

The last two articles I wrote were about the different types of alcohol mixtures Koreans drink. Saddly, this article is not an article about alcohol. It is the last of my ‘alcohol’ series though, an article about hangover food. After a great night with alcohol. Koreans go to eat food to help them with their […]

Unique Drinks You Must Try in Korean Convenience Stores

A typical Korean convenience store offers a wide range of products for us. There isn’t much you can’t find in Korean convenience stores especially when it comes to snacks and drinks! For those who want to try something you can find only in Korea, I will introduce three unique drinks you can commonly see in […]

The Michelin Guide Seoul 2017

Do you know what Michelin is? Michelin guide lets us know which restaurants are tasty, without getting sponsored from any restaurants in advance. According to the video from Youtube (, the inspectors from Michelin always take a table before 7:30. The first of a pair arrives early and has a drink at the bar. His […]

What Would Happen If Trump Becomes President?

Hello, everyone. A few weeks ago, news that shook the whole world was announced from America. Donald Trump of the Republican won the presidential election over Hilary Clinton of the Democrats. Many were surprised, some disappointed, especially the minorities. Korean citizens were also shocked after hearing the election results, and worried whether Trump would actually […]

Dear Korea, (from. Catherine)

Four crazy months have come and gone, and I cannot believe I am sitting in America writing my last article for Hanyang University Business School. It seems like yesterday I arrived at Incheon airport when it was freezing cold at the end of February, and now I am sitting back at home in the warm […]

Difference in Education Systems Between Countries

Have you ever been curious of other country’s educational system? But are you having troubles to find any good website that tells you that information correctly? I’m here to answer any questions that you may have. I will describe each characteristic of elementary, middle, and high schools found in France, America, and Korea. 1. Elementary […]

Things You Must “See/Eat/Do” in Korea

Hi, everyone. This time I want to tell you something that you must see, eat and do in Korea. They are all my favorites. Here we go ;^) <SEE> -Part <SEE> contains some place that I want to recommend.  1. Palaces : There are five palace in Seoul. Deoksugung(덕수궁), Gyeonghuigung(경희궁), Gyeongbokgung(경복궁). Deoksugung(덕수궁), Changgyeonggung(창경궁), Changdeokgung(창덕궁). In […]