Lit Hip Hop Concert

Fanny Last Saturday, I had the chance to attend the Lit Hip Hop concert. This wouldn’t have been able without my friend who is fluent in Korean and bought the tickets for our group. So quick tip: if you want to attend or buy tickets for a concert here in Seoul, find yourself someone either […]

Korean spa (Mo-Kyok-Tang or Chim-Jill-Bang)

Sooin Mun There are a lot of foreign students visiting Korea every semester. So, it would be fair enough for me to guess that there will be different types of travelers out there. By types, I mean there are different ways of preparing to travel. Some people prepare like they will live in the foreign […]

Applications I would like to recommend to foreign students

Alice Hong (Gayoung)           Foreign students might have experiences of difficulty living in Korea because of language problems. Nowadays, since most of the people have smart phones, I would like to recommend six smart phone applications that would help your Korean life. ‘배달의 민족’ ; An easy way to get delivery food ^ Screenshot of […]

PC Bang (PC room)

Sooin Mun As you start your year in Hanyang University, you will be taking part of a quite a few numbers of group projects. Then, most likely you’ll be working with at least 2 to 5 classmates that will be a mix of foreign and Korean students. You may encounter some language barriers as well […]

Must-do this April

By Fanny Coming up: a list of amazing and awesome events right here in Seoul! As students settle back into their school routines, weekends are the time to go out on adventures. As an exchange student myself, I want to explore and discover Seoul while I am here. So here are a few activities completely […]

Cheap Self-cocktail

Lee Anna Many foreigners are surprised by Korean’s culture. Koreans can start drinking when they become 20 in Korean age or the year they turn 19 in international age, which is quite younger than other countries’ minimum age. When someone asks his friend, ‘Let’s go and have a drink’, it doesn’t just mean that ‘we […]

After visiting famous “Audio Experience Stores”

Park Jeonghun There are many retailers who sell earphones in their stores. Some sell them online, others sell them offline. As a rationally behaving consumer, it is always wise to buy good quality products at the lowest price. Buying at a low price is always desirable only in one condition; “You should buy genuine earphones […]

A Day Out with my HY-Buddy

One of the great things about Hanyang University is their HY-Buddy program. In this program regular Hanyang students are paired with two or three foreign exchange students. On Saturday my buddy took me for a day in Gangnam (one of the central and most well-known areas of Seoul).  There we went for an appointment with […]