Karrot (Market)

Mingi Woo If you are an exchange student, like most university students, you need a cheaper option to purchase your items, from basic silverware to school supplies. Here in Korea, there is a widely used application called Karrot. Karrot is an online platform, that allows users to exchange goods and services. In some sense, it […]

Surviving alone in Korea is delicious!

Park chae eun When you stay away from your parents in Korea, how do you eat your meals? Usually, you will go to a restaurant, use a delivery service, or cook by yourself. I will tell you about two useful shopping malls for those who must eat on their own. It is a very convenient […]

Korea IT Service Conference

Rowie Eka Hello everyone!!! So how is your day?? I hope you are doing well!! So today I want to share with you guys about this conference that Hanyang students were invited to!! We were invited by our Management of Information System Professor to this Conference which have a lot of amazing speaker and big […]

A quick introduction to Korean Stock Market

Mingi Woo First, we must look at the two main composite indexes in Korea. While the United States has three indexes (S&P 500, Dow Jones Industrial Average, and Nasdaq), Korea has two main indexes (KOSPI, KOSDAQ). KOSPI measures the performance of large/well-established businesses, while KOSDAQ measures small to medium-sized businesses. How is the composite stock […]

Connected Car, Expansion of Information Sharing

Yugyeong Jeong Recently, as the Internet has been combined with automobiles, ‘connected cars’ have begun to appear in which drivers share and utilize various information. A connected car is a vehicle that enables two-way communication by connecting information and communication technology to the vehicle. Connected cars communicate in real-time with other vehicles, transportation and communication […]

Accounting Frauds in Korea

Lim, Do Yeub In 2017, Korea ranked 63rd place out of 63 countries in the accounting transparency ranking conducted by the International Institute for Management Development. Unlike its economic status in the world, Korea’s accounting credibility level is still close to that of developing countries. Accounting fraud problems are one of main reasons for this […]

All about ‘NFT’

DONGGYU LEE The word ‘NFT’ that you hear a lot these days, what exactly is this NFT? NFT stands for ‘Non-Fungible Token’. The fungible tokens each have the same value and function. They can be exchanged with each other, and if a 1:1 exchange of the same unit occurs, it is the same as if […]

What is Decentralized Finance(DeFi)?

Part 3: Difficulties and Implications DONGGYU LEE   [ What are the challenges DeFi is facing ] 1) Poor performance: Blockchains are inherently slower than centralized models. The same goes for applications running on top of the blockchain. DeFi application developers should optimize their services to account for these limitations. 2) Risk of user error: […]