Dangerous collaborations

Jiyeon Choi As mass production and market saturation make it difficult to gain competitiveness in the market with quality or price nowadays, companies tend to attract consumers with exotic collaborations and package designs especially in food market. Extraordinary collaborations’ design attracts consumers’ attention and encourages them to buy products out of curiosity. In particular, the […]

Brace for Hyper-Inflation: How Should We Manage Our Portfolio?

Junho Jung There are growing voices in various media over concerns about inflation. Inflation is a term that refers to a rapid rise in prices, and if the phenomenon occurs, the prices of various daily necessities may rise, preventing the purchase of goods needed for daily life. In this article, we will look at economic […]

The Nasdaq tumbled after Yellen’s comments – why are people afraid of interest rates?

           As vaccinations take place in the United States, it is expected to return to daily life soon. But at the same time, there are growing concerns that inflation could occur.            The word “Inflation” refers to a rapid rise in prices. In the event of inflation, prices of various foods and daily necessities, including […]

What is short selling?

Joonho Jeong Short selling, which had been banned in Korea for a long time since Corona 19, resumed partially on May 3. Short selling is an investment strategy in which stocks are borrowed and sold in advance in anticipation of falling stocks. A person who wants a short selling borrows a stock from another person […]

Cryptocurrency and Financial Bubble

Hajon Lee From last year Cryptocurrencyand the stocks market have been a major keyword and the hot topic worldwide. There have been many people who have become richer than they have ever been, but also, on the other hand, people whose money became just paper waste. So why has ever jumped into the boat of […]