To get a haircut in Korea.

Sooin Moon Once you are here in Korea, it’ll be pretty tough to adjust into this society, especially if you are from somewhere out of Asia, and unprepared. However, you’ll start to be able to make some friends, get along with, hang out in some exotic places, and even go to some other countries nearby, […]

Korean spa (Chim-Jill-Bang) recommendations

Sooin Moon During the last post, I have made a basic introduction toward different types of Korean spas, and each of their services. In this post, I will introduce a very Korean-like spa in Seoul, Korea, and give simple information for you to visit. The spa is, “the spa in Garden five”. The garden five […]

The review of 2 Korean Coffee Franchises

Jeonghun Park Coffee shops or Cafés are everywhere in Korea. The claim that there are more Starbucks in Seoul than in New York is proven true. So, it would not be wrong to call drinking coffee a national pastime. There are numerous franchises that sell coffee or coffee-based drinks inside their stores.  Some are satisfactory, […]


You have most probably heard about Seoul’s famous mountain, Bukhansan. Situated in the northern park of the city (Dobongsan station- line 7), It has been designated as a national park since 1983. The meaning behind the name is literally  “big mountain in the north”. The mountain has multiple sharp peaks that contrast with the forest […]

Korean spa (Mo-Kyok-Tang or Chim-Jill-Bang)

Sooin Mun There are a lot of foreign students visiting Korea every semester. So, it would be fair enough for me to guess that there will be different types of travelers out there. By types, I mean there are different ways of preparing to travel. Some people prepare like they will live in the foreign […]

Korean Oriental Medicine Clinic

Sooin If there is anything that is really weird in the eyes of some, but is totally normal for some others, I would vote for KOMC as one of those things. KOMC, as is stated in the title, stands for Korean Oriental Medicine Clinic. KOMC is one of the big schools of oriental medicine. For […]

A Day Out with my HY-Buddy

One of the great things about Hanyang University is their HY-Buddy program. In this program regular Hanyang students are paired with two or three foreign exchange students. On Saturday my buddy took me for a day in Gangnam (one of the central and most well-known areas of Seoul).  There we went for an appointment with […]

Suanbo Hot spring, memorable relaxing experience on top of mountain

SooinMoon There are many places in Korea where you can go on a trip. Most places are famous for their beautiful landscape or culturally unique architectures. As a student, who will be reading this post, one must have lots and lots of plans in order to fully enjoy the time he or she will spend […]