Spending the Night at Wangsimni

Wangsimni (왕십리) is a place in Seoul (서울) that is very near school. Therefore, many Hanyang University (한양대학교) students hang out after school at Wangsimni. Korea is also known to be a country where people do not sleep at night. Korea has many places that are open until late at night or 24 hours open. […]

Wangsimni, the Gop-Chang Street

Cow or pig intestines, so called as Gopchang (곱창) in Korean, is one of the most disputable dinner menus in Korea. What I mean by “disputable” is that there is a clear division between likes and dislikes regarding the food among people. Its greasiness and no good-looking shape push people away from trying it. Some also […]

Shops by the Residence Hall 2

Okay folks, today we are gonna talk about where to buy things around Residence Hall 2 (제2학생생활관) because it is likely you are going to live there if you are a foreigner. So when I first arrived here I was super confused of where to go and where to buy things around here. On top […]

Recommendable Restaurants at Wangsimni Enter-6

So far, there are so many articles describing various restaurants in Wangsimni (왕십리). Lately, I have already written about some sushi restaurants that might meet your tastes (Refer to the article titled ‘Sushi restaurants in Wangsimni’). This time, I am going to tell you some restaurants but confined to Wangsimni Enter-6 (왕십리 엔터식스). All these […]

Small Pubs in Wangsimni

1. Saurros (쏘러스) The menu they are selling now is just affordable! According to the menu, there are hand-made sausage and churros. The price of each menu is 5500 Won and 5000 Won. Also you can take out churros packed in a cup by paying 3000 Won. Although I hadn’t tried out yet, I heard from […]

Sushi Restaurants in Wangsimni

Sushi Restaurant in Wangsimni From now on, the weather is going to be colder and colder. Originally the autumn starts over from September to November, but actually the autumn in Korea is approaching at the end of September. As the weather changes slowly, I have recently fallen into the Sushi food without no reason. Therefore, […]

Fast Dining Food Concepts in Wangsimni

One of the more unique things of Seoul (서울)is the innovative food culture they have created. Rather than having a large number of Global, fast food chain restaurants along every street, there are many local fast dining places around. Since my dorm is located in Wangsimni (왕십리), I am going to focus on a few […]

More Places to Eat in Wangsimni! (part 2)

In Wangsimni (왕십리), we can see many places where you can eat delicious meat quite often. I often go most of all, so I know lots of them. So let me introduce to you about my favorite restaurants. The first is, Gorgeous Kitchen. Gorgeous kitchen is, in fact, quite expensive for students to eat just […]