Sejong Art Center

Kim Yunkun Hi guys! Are there any of you who are interested in going to classical concerts or musicals? For those who like to go to these concerts but don’t know where to look and go, let me introduce to you a good place! It is the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts located in […]

Introducing Celebrities coming to Hanyang Festival

Gayoung (Alice) Starting on the 23rd, Hanyang University (Seoul Campus) is having an official school festival. It is called ‘Rachios, Bisang,’ and the festival is held until the 25th. This time, there are many celebrities coming to our school to congratulate our festival. Today, I would like to introduce the celebrities coming to our festival […]

Incheon Festa

Fanny Discover Incheon was the tour company we booked with to spend this festival. Basically it was a one-day tour and it ended at a concert – Incheon Festa 2018. First, we met up at Hongdae station and from there we got into a bus which took us to the city of Incheon. We first […]

Lit Hip Hop Concert

Fanny Last Saturday, I had the chance to attend the Lit Hip Hop concert. This wouldn’t have been able without my friend who is fluent in Korean and bought the tickets for our group. So quick tip: if you want to attend or buy tickets for a concert here in Seoul, find yourself someone either […]

After visiting famous “Audio Experience Stores”

Park Jeonghun There are many retailers who sell earphones in their stores. Some sell them online, others sell them offline. As a rationally behaving consumer, it is always wise to buy good quality products at the lowest price. Buying at a low price is always desirable only in one condition; “You should buy genuine earphones […]

Music Instrument Market

Greetings, folks! In our today’s article we are going to talk about where to buy musical instruments and different stuff for them. Apparently, this turned out to be not as obvious as I expected. To begin with, I feel that I have to confess to you that by the 4th month in Korea I became […]

A Rising Star: The Free Radio Streaming Application ‘BEAT’

Today, literally everyone uses smartphones in their lives. People can listen to music from worldwide at any time by smartphones without mp3 players. YouTube and SNS offers you live concert videos and recent news of your favorite singers real-time. The concept of possessing mp3 (sound source) files of certain songs has moved to the concept of using […]

Korean Indie Music

In Korea, the majority of people are really into commercial music, especially songs of ‘idol groups’. In my opinion, since these groups’ simple and addictive songs always head for success in the market, many songwriters are just making similar songs that pursue ‘hooks’. Outside this mainstream culture, some people make unique songs by themselves. These […]