Department Stores and their Filthy Rich Koreans

Hajon Lee As you’ve maybe heard of, Korea is a place called heaven if you have money in your hands. The reason is mostly because of the comfortable lifestyle and department stores it has. There are various department stores in Korea, but the top three bands are Shinsegae, Hyundai, and Galleria. Shinsegae has the most […]

Hangul Proclamation Day

Yugyeong Jeong Hangul day is a national holiday to commemorate the creation of Hunminjeongeum, the original name of Hangeul declared in 1446. Hangeul was created by King Sejong of the Joseon Kingdom. It is celebrated every October 9th and this Friday is the 574th Hangul day. On the day, many websites replace their logos with […]

Gangnam Escape Room

Hajon Lee I will be introducing to you another exciting and safe activity you can do during these abhorrent times. The activity is Escape Room. From living abroad for a long time, I know you wouldn’t be so familiar with such activity; however, I can assure you that it’s worth the time and money. Basically, […]

Seongsu Art Museum: Not your Ordinary Museum

Hajon Lee Seongsu Art Museum’s location is of course in the name: Seongsu station, just around the corner of exit 1. It’s one floor underground so you just need to go down the stairs and there will be a vault door which you can see when you try to rob the bank. This is not […]

Korean Narrative: Underground City in Downtown Seoul

Su Un Taeh Kim(Jongno, Seoul) Walking around downtown Jongno, it is easy to spot landmark historical buildings with their eye-catching grandeur and traditional architecture. However, just in Seoul there are only a handful of notable locations such as the usual 5 palaces of Seoul and other historical building from the Joseon Dynasty. If your stay […]

Hyundai Card Cooking Library

Hajon Lee The Hyundai Card Cooking Library is a bit of a secret place where not many Koreans have visited. First of all, it is located in Apgujeong-Rodeo. Second of all, you are only allowed to enter all the floors if you possess a Hyundai card. You can bring a plus one to the place. […]

Korean Traditional Tea Houses in Seoul

Gaeun Kim As we have to stay at home during these days, we feel tired staying at home, just eating continuously without outdoor activities. I want to introduce some Tea house in Seoul, where you can try some Korean traditional tea in well-being café or Hanok (Korean traditional house) shaped café. Drinking brewed tea instead […]

Unique Cafe: Meerkat Friends

Hajon Lee During this rainy week, I was searching for things to do inside. In searching for something unique and interesting. I came across something called a Meerkat Cafe. Looking through the blogs of other people, I saw that there were various animals other than just meerkats. The cafe is located in the middle of […]