How to economically enjoy Snow Board and Ski in Korea (Part II) (by Jeongmok)

Hi, this is Jung Mok again and today I am going to write about how to practically utilize rental shops to enjoy skiing. There are so many things to prepare for skiing and snowboarding. You need to have decent skis and board clothing to keep warm and prevent injury. Also, you need to bring actual […]

An afternoon out to Donga Ilbo (by Yongshin)

Dongailbo is one of the Top 3 newspaper companies in South Korea. It also has Channel A, which is a broadcasting station. On November 10th, foreign exchange students with Glitters visited Dongailbo. Donga media center which is the head office of Dongailbo is located near Gwanghwamun. You can also visit here by applying at the […]

Introduction of Performance Stages(Private & Public) in Korea for Musicians (2) (by Jeongho)

Hey there musicians? I’m back with the introduction of Public performance stages in Korea, and the things you should prepare. ‘Busking’ didn’t start in Korea. It first started in Western countries. Musicians back then didn’t even have mics or amps. They only had a guitar and his or her voice. But now, many buskers have […]

If you are cold out there….(by Yongshin)

Winter is coming! And it’s getting harder to enjoy outdoor activities because of the cold weather. Therefore, today, I’d like to introduce you various indoor activities 1.Board game café You might have played Halli Galli, chess, or other board games when you were student. There are many popular and funny board games. However, it is […]

How to get a part time job for foreign students legally (by Jonghyuk)

Foreign students, not only in Hanyang but in other universities, may have financial problems. For most of the foreign students, it is hard to receive money from their parents sometimes. Different from the culture in which many parents in Korea give allowance and take care until their kids are employed, some foreign students may not […]

Introducing Pepero day (by Annie)

Pepero day is a popular holiday in Korea that acts a little like Valentine’s day but in November. This famous snack is recognized on November 11 because of its similar appearance to the date (11/11). On this day, Koreans buy pepero for their loved ones and go out on dates with their significant others. Pepero […]

Introduction of Performance Stages (Private & Public) in Korea for Musicians (by Jeongho)

What do you do to relieve stress? Playing games, watching movies, exercising, and playing music. All people have different methods for relieving stress. In my case, my one and only leisure is to play music. I guess that there are many foreign students who have played in a band or an orchestra in their original […]

The Korean university festival (by Jonghyuk)

The Korean university festival Most of the universities in Korea have their own festivals. Most of them are held during the spring semester, but there are some schools that have another festival in the fall. In this article, I am going to talk only about the Korean universities’ festivals. Also, I will also cover the […]