Seoul Forest; Healing yourself in the city!

 Kim Min Jung When you are walking around Seoul, you will find a lot of tall buildings and apartments occupying the whole city. However, there is a place near Hanyang university where you can enjoy nature and relax. It’s Seoul Forest. Seoul Forest is located in Seoul Seong dong gu Ttukseom ro 273. It’s right […]

Entertainment and Shopping Complexes near Campus

 Lee Jung It is hard for us to grasp and appreciate what we pass by every day; seemingly endless school works cloud our curiosity, so we often overlook the mundane aspects of our days. On the way to the Wangsimli area, right by the intersection stand huge apartments with an entertainment complex at the entrance. […]

Korean ways of enduring hot summer

Kim Min Jung Even though it’s only May now, it’s been getting hotter and hotter. The temperature of Summer in Korea is usually over 30 degrees Celsius and sometimes it reaches 40. So, some of you will be worried about how to survive during this scorching summer. But don’t you worry! For today’s article is […]

Cafés with Unique Concepts in Korea

Nam InHan There are cafés all over Korea. Some, however, are quite unique and will provide you with an experience that you won’t be able to obtain anywhere else. Let me introduce a few of my favorite spots! Cartoon cafés   In a cartoon café, you can spend your time reading cartoons or novels. There […]

Seoul Bamdokkebi Night Market

Lee Jung Spring is always nice for night excursions. The fickle weather in Korea has been confusing us with our outfit choices, but I am delightful to go around on journeys at night. Seoul Bamdokkebi (night goblin) Night Market is a set of marketplaces that opens at night and disappear in the morning (that’s why […]

Enjoy Seoul City with the Green Bike!

Nam In Han You’ve probably seen this green bike around the school. the Seoul Metropolitan Government has been operating a fully unmanned public bike rental service. The duration of use on regular tickets range from a week to a year and allows one hour or two hours of use per day. On one-hour-per-day basis, weekly […]

Back Alley Eateries Day 2: HanYangChon

Youn Seng Min Hi guys! How are you all doing? Another great week I hope! With an exam coming next Thursday, I really should be studying. I just keep telling myself that life isn’t all about grades. Except it’s not like I’m doing anything productive instead of studying… Anyway, how are you adjusting to the […]

How on Earth Does Korean Age Work?

Nam InHan In South Korea, babies born on December 31 will turn two years old on January 1st of the following year. It’s almost magical that they turn two in after just one day. Hence, many exchange students are curious about the ‘Korean age’ system. In this article, I will introduce the Korean age culture […]