Korean Rest Stops Snacks (휴게소)

Mingi Woo Korean Rest Stops Snacks (휴게소) While you are exploring/traveling long distances in Korea, the one place you cannot forget to visit during your trip is the rest stops(휴게소) or rest area. The rest stops in Korea provide a unique travel experience on their own. In this post, I will tell you a little […]

Pizza Mall

Pratibha I am back!!!!! What’s gonna be this week’s topic 🤔???? Well, again I’m here to tell you guys about a new amazing food place I found 😊. So, this place is called “Pizza Mall”. So, this is in Gangnam. [Naver Map] Pizza Mall Gangnam Station Branch 서울 강남구 강남대로 432 https://naver.me/GJrrg6CW This place is […]

A Day of Exploring Seoul

Pratibha A Day of Exploring Seoul Hey, I am back with one more day of outing experience to share with you guys. As you might know, I like food so much. This time I was in Myeongdong wandering around the Lotte Department store. Apparently, I accidentally met one of my friends there, and that’s how […]

Food Places Near School

Pratibha As you attend your classes at school, you eagerly wait for the lunch break. You might not want to go to the regular cafeteria in school but would like to explore some places nearby to eat during lunch hour. Today, I will tell you guys some of the places to go for your quick […]

Fan Culture In Korea

Pratibha You might have heard of K-pop. If not, let me give you some backstory about it. It’s the part of the entertainment industry where idols audition for labels and do training which can vary from months to years. They are taught to improve their singing, dancing, how to behave, etc. in short everything to […]

Places to Visit in Seoul During New Year’s Day

Mingi Woo With the winter holidays behind us, it is time to look to the upcoming New Year. With the covid restriction slowing receding, it is a great opportunity to visit the different site during the new Normal. In Korea, one of the most traditional and iconic landmarks during the New Year is the Bosingak […]

Korean F/W season street food

DONGGYU LEE The weather is already getting quite cold. Winter is coming soon, and there are a few things you need to know before winter arrives. Those are must-try street foods in Korea during the cold season. So, today I will introduce five best street food. 1. Hotteok Hotteok is a street food that many […]

If you want a quiet but hip place in Sinchon & Hongdae.

DONGGYU LEE   Sinchon and Hongdae, the two most popular areas in Seoul, are always crowded with people. For those like me who don’t like crowded streets, in front of Sinchon U-PLEX or Hongik University Station Exit 9 is quite difficult. Then why not take a little step back and look for the spaces between […]