Seoul: The Past, the Present, and the Future

  Photos by Kavi from Canada

Yongma Land

There are much more places in Seoul to explore than you think or have read. If you are a true explorer and want to see something that will not be in your typical “What to see Seoul” guide, then you really should learn more about the abandoned Yongma-land Amusement Park. This place will not be […]

Staying Seated for Lunch? Use Delivery Service for Lunch!

Did you have a lunch today? Where did you go to eat? Cafeteria? Wangsimni? If you are bored to eat same food in cafeteria or annoyed to go somewhere to eat, how about using delivery services? Korea has very good delivery services. It is not every restaurant that has delivery services but there are pretty […]

Black Food in Gangnam

Today, I want to introduce you about interesting dessert-about black-colored food. It seems weird to eat something black, but if you think about it, we can find black food everywhere. The place where I really want to recommend is called ‘C&Z Bakery’. It sells variety of brunch, but the special menu is ‘black panini’. Inside […]

Hangul – the Korean Alphabet

Hangul (hangeul, 한글), or the Korean alphabet, is the writing system used in Korea. To someone not that used to Asian cultures, hangul might look similar to the characters used in China or Japan, but it is in fact much more simple to learn in comparison. Being able to read hangul will make a visitor’s […]

Holiday in Hong Kong (part 1)

How do you spend your free time on your day off? Maybe one of the greatest things to do is traveling. While you stay in Korea, you may have a lot of free time. During that period, you can travel Asia Countries. Among lots of Asia countries, I’d like to recommend you to travel to […]

A Beautiful City, Suncheon

Where do you want to go in Korea? I will recommend a city I want to go again and again. It is a city called Suncheon (순천) which is located in Jeollanam-do Province (전라남도), south of the Korea Peninsula. You can see where it is with map below When you are in Seoul you can […]

Watersports in Cheongpyeong!

Do you enjoy watersports? Are you looking to try something new? Or seeking some kind of thrill? Is it summertime and are you looking to chill? Then you might want to check out watersports in Cheongpyeong. Open from March to October annually, there is so much to do by the lake, and aligned in the […]