All about New Year Celebration in Korea: Seollal

Woah! 2016 is almost gone and over. It is time to wrap up the bygone year, and wait for the coming year. My last article was about K-pop Christmas music. After the Christmas season ends, we start to feel that it is really the end of the year. Do you have plans for the upcoming […]

Christmas with K-Pop

Have you guys seen the trees and lights in front of the university’s subway station? Already, it is the season for Christmas! Winter does not feel that cold maybe because of the word “Christmas” warming the atmosphere. How do you celebrate Christmas? Were you looking for some great Christmas carol for background music? Today, I […]

Introducing 2015-2016 FESTIVALS! (December-January)

Did you remember the article that introduce 2015 fall festivals? This time, I will introduce 2015-2016 winter festivals which are held on December and January. Last time I recommend 4 festivals which are held in Seoul or near Seoul. However, this time, because that period is winter vacation, I will recommend various festivals without limit […]

X-Mas Presents for Your Loved Ones (part 2)

Christmas is even closer now and here is the promised second post on shopping that needs to be done in Korea. This time we’ll recommend you presents for men and some small quirky items you could take back home. We all know that presents for men are the hardest to choose, or at least that’s […]

X-Mas Presents for your loved ones (part 1)

It’s that time of the year again and we are all looking forward to the exchanging of presents. But if you are on exchange in Korea, you’d probably want to take home something more colorful, traditional and maybe a bit quirky. So we have made a list of suggestions for you. This article will feature […]