Let’s go for a run and save the Earth!

2021.09.14 Minjun Son Image Source: iStock Photo People run with trash bags in disposable gloved hands. When you find trash, stop running and bend over. The heavier the garbage bag, the more difficult it is to breathe. When you get to your destination and look back, you can see the clean streets. Take a ‘certification […]

Welcome back home Cristiano Ronaldo

2021.09.07 Minjun Son Image source: Manchester United Cristiano Ronaldo returns to Manchester United after 12 years. <BBC> reported on the 28th that Manchester United will pay Juventus a transfer fee of 12.8 million pounds (about 20.5 billion won) to sign a two-year contract with Ronaldo. Ronaldo made his debut with Porto in 2002 and grew […]

The Paralympic Games

LEE SOOYEON              The Paralympic Games is the major international sports competition for athletes with disabilities. Comparable to the Olympic Games, the Paralympics are split into Winter Games and Summer Games, which alternately occur every two years. Many of the same Olympic events are included—such as Alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, and biathlon for winter sports […]

Enjoy the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in 2021

Yugyeong Jeong The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, which were scheduled to be held in the summer of 2020 but postponed by one year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, will be held from July 23 to August 8, 2021. It is the second Olympics to be held in Tokyo after 1964. At the Olympics, medals will […]

“It’s coming to Rome!”

Minjun Son 2021.07.13 Image Source: eufa.com Italy has reached the top of European football for the first time in 53 years. Leonardo Bonucci, who led the team to victory by leading the team to victory in the final of the Euro 2020 Championship 2020 (Euro 2020), roared toward the camera, saying, “It’s coming to Rome!” […]

Chelsea win Champions League for the first time in 9 years

Minjun Son 2021.06.01 Image : AFP 연합뉴스              Chelsea reached the top of Europe for the first time in nine years.              Chelsea defeated Manchester City 1-0 to win the Champions League final in the 2020-2021 UEFA Champions League on the 30th at Istadio do Dragan in Porto, Portugal, thanks to Kai Havertz’s winning goal. […]

Problems left by the Europa Super League

Minjun Son 21.05.05 The Europa Super League, which was officially announced in surprise on April 18, seems to have failed due to the withdrawal of the clubs. The Europa Super League is a new football league with 12 major European clubs, and the original plan was to open in August 2021. However, shortly after the […]