2017 Spring Hanyang University Rachios Festival!

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May is a month of energy. Spring is really kicking in, and even giving away to the early summer. May is really a month of energy especially for university students in Korea. It is the month of the school festivals. Today I will tell you what activities Korean students usually enjoy during the festival, and also what kinds of fun things are happening at this year’s Hanyang University Rachios Festival (한양대학교 라치오스 페스티벌).


Joo-Jum’s (주점) and the Stage

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The school festivals in Korea can be said by two big parts. The Joo-Jum and the Stage. The Joo-Jum is wrote ‘주점’, and it is where the students get to sell alcohol outside, on campus. Students get their own tents and make their own ‘restaurant’. They mostly do the Joo-Jum by major or club, and they make various themes for their Joo-Jum. They may be wearing funny costumes, and the tent may be decorated as according to their theme. Although the price of the food might be a little more expensive, it is fun to take a look at their different themes and to drink alcohol outside on campus.

After dinner, students have some fun on the stage of each university. The students may have sinning contests on stage, and the school bands and cheerleaders may perform. But most of all, the universities call real singers to make the festival more dynamic. Students are always curious about who is coming to their festival.

Except for the Joo-Jum’s and the stage, there are also fun things to do at a school festival. During daytime, they might have a market that sells handmade things. There will also be games to do around campus, and people selling snacks.


Hanyang University Rachios Festival

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This year, Hanyang University’s School Festival is on May 24th~26th. It is called the Rachios Festival or Dae-Dong-Jae (대동제). During the three days, there will be a mini amusement park you can check out on campus. It will be in front of the Hanyang University Bookstore 한양대학교 서점). There will be a Mini Viking, battling wearing an air ball, and a punch machine. It will be there during the daytime, so be sure to go there while the sun is up. From Hanyang University Station (한양대역) exit 2 to the Hanyang University Bookstore, there will be events and games for you to play by the University clubs. You can play games and even make some cool things. There will be snacks there too. Be sure to have some cash to experience all the fun things.

Another fun thing you can experience on the first and second day of the school festival(May 24th and 25th) is the Room Escape (방탈출). This is a game where you go in a room and try to escape the room using the hints in the room. It will be held at the Concert Hall, which is located at the 4th floor of the bookstore building. On the last day there is an “Eating Alone Contest” at 12:00~14:00, in front of the main stage(노천극장).

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During the three days of the festival, there are also things that are prepared per each day. On the first day, there will be the show of our school’s cheerleaders and a voice imitation contest. Rapper Loco (로꼬) will also come as the guest to our school to perform. It this will all be held at 19:30~23:00 at the main stage (노천극장) which is the stage in front of the Chung Mong-Koo Automotive Research Center (정몽구미래자동차연구센터). On the second day, th 25th of May there will be Zombie Tonight at 19:30~22:00, and the clubs will be preforming on the Main stage. Guest singer Beak A-yeon (백아연) will be singing. On the last day of the festival, Friday, there will be Hanyang University’s Singing Contest (한양가요제). The guest that day will be the idol group Girlfriend (여자친구).

The School Festival will be an unforgettable experience in Korea. You can check out our school’s festival, or go to other schools to see their school festivals too.


Article by Hee-sun from Korea, a Junior in Business Administration

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