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All about Hanyang

Lounges you can linger on in the campus Part 1 (by Yongshin)

Where do you go when you don’t have class in school? You might need some places to rest for a while or to do your assignment. For these reasons, there are many lounges in school for students. Today … [Read more...]

Lounges you can linger on in the campus Part 2 (by Yongshin)

HIT lounge – HIT building You might have seen HIT building but might not know the main purpose of the building. HIT building is mostly for startup businesses and employments. You can find … [Read more...]

Yummy Yummy!

If you are sick of Soju and Beer, Try different kinds of Makgeollis! (by Jeongmok)

If you are foreign incoming students in Korea, you may have heard different kinds of alcohol drinks such as Soju and Makgeolli. Today I would like to introduce different types of Makegolli that you … [Read More...]

The magical Korean sauce: Cham-gi-ruem (Roasted Sesame Oil) (by Jeong Mok)

In Korean foods, 7 out of 10 dishes are made with Cham-gi-ruem. It is made with milled sesame seeds, and it has a rich and nutty/buttery flavor and gives a unique taste to most Korean … [Read More...]

All about Seoul

Introduction of Performance Stages (Private & Public) in Korea for Musicians (by Jeongho)

What do you do to relieve stress? Playing games, watching movies, exercising, and playing music. All people have different methods for relieving stress. In my case, my one and only leisure is to play … [Read More...]

The Korean university festival (by Jonghyuk)

The Korean university festival Most of the universities in Korea have their own festivals. Most of them are held during the spring semester, but there are some schools that have another festival in … [Read More...]

All about Travel

One day Escape to Heyri Art Valley, Paju

If you are looking for a place to escape from Seoul's (서울) hustle and bustle without going too far, I suggest visiting Paju-si (파주시), where fairy tales come alive. It is about an hour away from Seoul, … [Read More...]

Tired from Work? Try Out Daecheon Beach

Popular beachside tourist spots in Korea like Busan (부산), Jeju Island (제주도) and so on are great, but it sure does take a long journey to get to those places. Fortunately, there are some places that … [Read More...]