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All about Hanyang

Must Have Applications as a University Student in Korea

In Hanyang there are lots of foreign students these days. Many of the foreign students are exchange students so they are not used to the Korean system, culture, or norms. The most difficult and … [Read more...]

Spring 2017 Business School Orientation at HUBS

Last Friday, March 10th, the 2017 Spring Semester Business School Orientation was held at the SKT Hall (7th floor of the Business School) of the Business School building (경영관). The Orientation was … [Read more...]

Yummy Yummy!

The Coolest Coffee Shops in Seoul (by Jieun)

It is not too much to say that coffee has become a big part of Korean culture in the last few years. According to a research by Seoul Metropolitan Government, there are over 18,000 coffee shops in … [Read More...]

The Michelin Guide Seoul 2017

Do you know what Michelin is? Michelin guide lets us know which restaurants are tasty, without getting sponsored from any restaurants in advance. According to the video from Youtube … [Read More...]

All about Seoul

March 1 Movement Day (삼일절) as a Foreign Exchange Student

When a sightseeing trip to buy a SIM card turned into a once-in-a-lifetime experience. March 1, 2017 officially marked my third day in South Korea as an exchange student from Canada. At this point, … [Read More...]

SAMSUNG Building at Gangnam Station

As I mentioned before, I ran out of topics to tell you. So being in desperation I was about to tell you about the Gangnam underground market (강남지하상가). Well, it is big, it is cheap, and there are a few … [Read More...]

All about Travel

Things You Can’t Miss at Incheon International Airport

Every December is the month when most of exchange students go back to their hometown after having wonderful time in Korea. Packing all of your stuff into the luggage, they will head over to the … [Read More...]

All about New Year Celebration in Korea: Seollal

Woah! 2016 is almost gone and over. It is time to wrap up the bygone year, and wait for the coming year. My last article was about K-pop Christmas music. After the Christmas season ends, we start to … [Read More...]