Need Help Living in Your Life in Korea? Come Closer, Let Me Help: Global Lounge

The second semester of this year has begun. You have finally laid out a class schedule, memorized all the buildings and classrooms where you are taking your lectures, and bought all the textbooks your professors required you to buy. However, you still feel unprepared for your life in Hanyang University (한양대학교), and in Korea. Surrounded […]

What to Expect in Survival Korean

If you’re coming to Korea without any experience in the Korean language, fear not! Hanyang University offers Korean language classes to its exchange students. There are two types of classes are offered by the university: Intensive Korean, which focuses on immersing students in Korean, and Survival Korean, which focuses on giving students a basic understanding […]

Cultural Aspects Challenging for Foreigners in Korea

Like as always, the spring semester has already kicked off, and it’s been four weeks since the school started. Many exchange students coming from all over the world are getting used to the new surroundings and unique environment in Korea. Among them, I interviewed one student who came from France. She, Elodie Vicini, and I […]

Some Korean Words to Know

Every language has its own slang. Maybe if someone who learn another language by standard procedure (of course, they should) listen talks between native speakers who use slangs a lot, He can’t understand what they are talking about. In Korean, there are many slangs. In addition, there are some words that means different by condition. […]

On Language Barriers

If you are a foreigner considering coming to study in Korea, you might be worried about encountering cultural and language barriers. What if nobody speaks English? What if you don’t understand what anyone is saying and can’t make any friends? What if you really need some help but are unable to express yourself? I have […]


So you are backing your bags to South Korea and you are ready to take on the city of Seoul and all of South Korea. But then, you realize. The official language in South Korea is Korean. But, you don’t really know how to speak Korean. And if, in your case as in mine, you […]

Attend a Hakwon (cram school) to Improve Your Korean!

Hakwon is a for-profit cram school that Korean students pay to attend after their regular school classes. Almost all Korean students attend some sort of hakwon – either academic or nonacademic. The most popular classes that students regularly attend are foreign languages (such as English or Chinese) often for the purpose of improving their grammar […]

Basic Korean Phrases

Today, I am going to inform you of some useful Korean phrases that might help you in your everyday life in Korea to make your life hopefully a little bit easier.   A. Greetings in Korea “Annyeong-haseyo” is Hello in Korea. There are two related terms that I am going to explain. “Annyeong-he-ga se yo” […]