Some Korean Words to Know

Every language has its own slang. Maybe if someone who learn another language by standard procedure (of course, they should) listen talks between native speakers who use slangs a lot, He can’t understand what they are talking about. In Korean, there are many slangs. In addition, there are some words that means different by condition. […]

On Language Barriers

If you are a foreigner considering coming to study in Korea, you might be worried about encountering cultural and language barriers. What if nobody speaks English? What if you don’t understand what anyone is saying and can’t make any friends? What if you really need some help but are unable to express yourself? I have […]

My Experience with Korean Culture

I would like to talk about Korean Culture that I have been experiencing since the first day of my exchange student life up to now. I can say that it’s very difficult for me and I believe that many other international students who came to study in Hanyang University feel the same. he reason for […]