Jerusalem conflict: international community appeals to Israel and Palestine

Minjun Son 2021.05.12 Jerusalem, home to several holy places, is the most sensitive area in the decades-long conflict between Israel and Palestine. In Jerusalem, along with religious importance, there is also Israel’s national claim. Israel annexed East Jerusalem and considered the whole of Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel, but most other countries do […]

Revision of electric kickboard law

Yugyeong Jeong From May 13th, the Road Traffic Act was revised and implemented to prevent accidents with Personal Mobility (PM). Previously, individuals 13 years of age or older were able to drive personal mobile devices such as electric kickboards without a driver’s license. However, as the law was revised, people without a motor license cannot […]

Must follow Instagram pages as a Korean

Hajon Lee Personally I believe there are two instagram pages that you must follow if you live in Korea. It isn’t three celebrity pages but two instagram pages that will help you enjoy life. These might be pages you’ve heard of because they are very popular in Korea. The first is foodyinkorea. You can notice […]

Ready to Cook?

– The Best Youtube Cooking Channels Sooyeon Lee                   As many of us are not a professional cook, we need help – usually most of the time – when cooking. Easiest way to get help? Obviously the Youtube might be a choice. These are some of the best worldwide cooking channels on Youtube that might […]