The Hyundai

Jiyeon Choi In the shopping industry ‘online’ has been the keyword for shopping trend for few years and since Corona virus broke out shopping online by just a touch from a fingertip became a must for people. However, Hyundai came up with a totally different approach. The Hyundai Seoul is now the biggest department store […]

What is short selling?

Joonho Jeong Short selling, which had been banned in Korea for a long time since Corona 19, resumed partially on May 3. Short selling is an investment strategy in which stocks are borrowed and sold in advance in anticipation of falling stocks. A person who wants a short selling borrows a stock from another person […]

Countermeasures for reducing industrial accident deaths and labor unions

Yugyeong Jeong The “Measures to Reduce Industrial Accident Deaths in 2021”, announced by the government on March 25, is a measure to upgrade the comprehensive plan for occupational safety and health supervision established by the Ministry of Labor to the government level amid successive deaths in industrial accidents. The government has decided to focus on […]

Carrot Market

Hajon Lee Have you seen the poster or commercial in a bus station or even on the side of the bus with a rabbit holding up a carrot with a orange background? This is the trending so-called carrot market in Korea. The name is actually a play with words. It actually means a market close […]

Exhibitions for you this May

Lee Sooyeon When I get tired of the same daily life going on, or want to get inspired, I normally go see an art exhibition. These days there are multiple types of exhibitions, not just talking about art, waiting for us. You can go see one of those and make an unforgettable memory for yourself! […]

Problems left by the Europa Super League

Minjun Son 21.05.05 The Europa Super League, which was officially announced in surprise on April 18, seems to have failed due to the withdrawal of the clubs. The Europa Super League is a new football league with 12 major European clubs, and the original plan was to open in August 2021. However, shortly after the […]