Revision of electric kickboard law

Yugyeong Jeong

From May 13th, the Road Traffic Act was revised and implemented to prevent accidents with Personal Mobility (PM). Previously, individuals 13 years of age or older were able to drive personal mobile devices such as electric kickboards without a driver’s license. However, as the law was revised, people without a motor license cannot drive personal mobility devices. The standards for imposing fines and penalties for violations were newly established, and the penalties for drunk driving were adjusted upward. The fine for unlicensed driving is 100,000 won, and the fine for not wearing a hard hat is 20,000 won. A fine of 40,000 won is imposed for violations of the number of passengers on electric bicycles and electric kickboards. In addition, the drinking-driving penalty from 30,000 won has risen to 100,000 won. Related organizations will strengthen safety enforcement and public relations activities.

As the number of domestic personal mobility devices increased, the government allowed bicycle roads from last December. However, since there were no sanctions for violations, the issue of effectiveness has been raised, and traffic accidents have continuously increased. Accordingly, the government established the revised Road Traffic Act and strengthened public relations for the enforcement of the strengthened law. Campaigns will be conducted around subways, schools, and parks where personal mobility devices are used frequently, and safety rules should be posted to the app to shared personal mobility companies. As the number of users increases, it is important to establish a safe use culture.

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