Must follow Instagram pages as a Korean

Hajon Lee

Personally I believe there are two instagram pages that you must follow if you live in Korea. It isn’t three celebrity pages but two instagram pages that will help you enjoy life. These might be pages you’ve heard of because they are very popular in Korea. The first is foodyinkorea. You can notice from the name, it is a page with the collective best restaurants in Korea. Most of them are located in Seoul, but they also have locations all around. You can think of this page as a normal food blog. It tells you the location and main menu with the price and its explanation of the food. They describe the dish very well with its specificity which brings people to follow this page. The page has also differentiated itself by making an app which has a map like this image with all their best restaurant picks. I suggest visiting some of the places in this app.

The second is probably my favorite page out of the three. The page’s name is daytrip_korea. You and I probably wonder where I should go with my friend and do something exciting. This app organizes a post for a day trip to somewhere. It has all kinds of locations from just a small area in Seoul to an area outside of Seoul. For example, a day trip they selected was Seocheon. They make their post by selecting some places to eat and places to visit in that area such as showrooms and artistic places. The images are of people called day trippers who take pictures of these places and those images are used in the post. Similarly to the first page, they have their own app which shows all the places the page has selected for you to visit.

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