MZ generation consumption trend : Small luxury

Jiyeon Choi Small luxury, an extravagant in relatively small products like groceries and cosmetics, is trending among MZ generation. Whenever it is starting to get hot in Korea we can see that trend on SNS, people posting photos of hotel bingsu(a popular Korean shaved ice dessert with various toppings) which is definitely one of the hottest dessert […]

Dangerous collaborations

Jiyeon Choi As mass production and market saturation make it difficult to gain competitiveness in the market with quality or price nowadays, companies tend to attract consumers with exotic collaborations and package designs especially in food market. Extraordinary collaborations’ design attracts consumers’ attention and encourages them to buy products out of curiosity. In particular, the […]

A day trip to Suwon Hwaseong

Hajon Lee Suwon Hwaseong is not very far from Seoul, a beautiful place where not many people visit. Suwon Hwaseong Fortress, a UNESCO cultural heritage and a representative attraction of Suwon, is a fortress with the purpose of eupseong and mute fortress for residence. A wall of 5.76 kilometers covers an area of 130 hectares. […]

Do Blue-light Glasses Really Work?

Lee Sooyeon                   Although the pandemic caused a financial loss for many companies, optical companies that sell blue light blocking glasses have seen an exponential growth in sales last year, due to increase in smart device use.                   Previous frequent users of blue-light blocking glasses were people who relied on computers for work, as well […]

Taiwan’s Paradox of “Global Defense Prevention Model”

Minjun Son 021.05.25 Taiwan, which was regarded as a model country for quarantine in the world, is suffering belatedly due to the rapid increase in COVID 19 confirmed cases. Until now, strict isolation, large-scale inspections, and strict fines have prevented infectious diseases. However, as the virus outbreak prolonged over a year, a hole was eventually […]

The opening of the Tokyo Olympics becomes unclear as US is considering absence

Minjun Son 2021.05.25 On the 24th, 60 days before the opening of the Tokyo Olympics, concerns are rising over whether the Olympics can be held properly as the United States raised travel warnings for Japan due to the risk of COVID 19 in Japan. If the United States decides to absent from the Olympics because […]

Brace for Hyper-Inflation: How Should We Manage Our Portfolio?

Junho Jung There are growing voices in various media over concerns about inflation. Inflation is a term that refers to a rapid rise in prices, and if the phenomenon occurs, the prices of various daily necessities may rise, preventing the purchase of goods needed for daily life. In this article, we will look at economic […]

Hyundai Motor Company’s earnings increase without labor disputes

Yugyeong Jeong In September of last year, the basic wage was frozen in 11 years and a dispute-free agreement was reached for two years in a row without a strike, resulting in changes in the labor-management relations of Hyundai Motors. Following the currency crisis in 1998 and the global financial crisis in 2008, they joined […]