Jerusalem conflict: international community appeals to Israel and Palestine

Minjun Son



Jerusalem, home to several holy places, is the most sensitive area in the decades-long conflict between Israel and Palestine. In Jerusalem, along with religious importance, there is also Israel’s national claim. Israel annexed East Jerusalem and considered the whole of Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel, but most other countries do not recognize it. However, Palestinians claim that East Jerusalem is the capital of the independent country they dream of.

Recently, the conflict between Israel and Palestine has intensified, and rockets and fighter jets have been mobilized, and the international community is appealing for calm. The United States, the European Union and the United Kingdom have urged both sides to ease tensions as soon as possible, but over the past few days the violence in Jerusalem has expanded to the most serious situation in recent years.


The underlying cause of the violence has not changed. The wounds of the unresolved conflict between the Jews and the Arabs have not yet healed, which destroyed the lives of those living in Palestine and Israel and took their lives over the generations.

Reuters / Ammar Awad

The recent situation has arisen due to tensions in Jerusalem, the sharpest part of the bilateral conflict. The holy land in the old town is not only a religious symbol, but also a national symbol. Crisis affecting them often sparked violence.

The causes of the outbreak were the harsh Israeli policing activity for Palestinians during Ramadan, and the current controversial Israeli court’s attempt to legally deport the residents of East Jerusalem, their hometown of Palestine.

28 vs. 3 dead. In the armed conflict between Israel and Palestine, the Palestinian side again suffered unilateral damage. It was a virtually indiscriminate blow for Israel, with the absolute superiority of firepower.

The UN Humanitarian Coordinator for the region, Lynn Hastings, issued a statement calling for the escalation in fighting to stop “to avoid more deaths and injuries.”

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