Ready to Cook?

– The Best Youtube Cooking Channels

Sooyeon Lee

                  As many of us are not a professional cook, we need help – usually most of the time – when cooking. Easiest way to get help? Obviously the Youtube might be a choice. These are some of the best worldwide cooking channels on Youtube that might help us.

Food 52

                  The YouTube channel of this recipe site-slash-online kitchenware shop hasn’t necessarily achieved the same viral status as other pages, but with fan favorites like Rick Martinez and Sohla El-Waylly now in front of the camera for the brand, it’s only a matter of time before its popularity jumps. You’ll find several useful Food52-produced series, including “Bake It Up A Notch!” with pastry chef Erin McDowell uncomplicating your favorite desserts and an aptly named series called Sweet Heat where Rick Martinez teaches sweet-yet-spicy recipes from his home in Mexico.

New York Times Cooking

                  Though the New York Times’ Cooking section is behind a paywall, it’s very handy YouTube channel is not. From classic recipes, like macaroni and cheese, to trendy ones, like #thestew by Alison Roman, these videos provide an intimate step-by-step look at techniques and offer ingredient substitutions if you don’t have something already stocked in your pantry. You’ll also find appearances from Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski, Samin Nosrat of Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, longtime NYT editor Melissa Clark, and many more familiar faces from the cooking world.

How to Cook That

                  Anna Reardon started her channel to house simple recipe videos, but once her following stretched into the thousands, BBC asked her to make a cake for the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, which catapulted her into a full-blown YouTuber celebrity. Her latest speciality is debunking viral Instagram cooking videos, where she proves you can’t actually spin hot caramel on an egg beater without getting burned. The baker also takes on seemingly impossible projects, like a cake version of the game operation that actually works and a freakishly lifelike chocolate bust of Prince Harry.

Joshua Weissman

                  Open your kitchen cabinet and you’ll see spices, oils, and other pantry staples, but Joshua Weissman sees his camera. Every episode on his popular YouTube channel begins with his very own version of the cheesy, fourth-wall-breaking oh hi, I didn’t see you there line, but the videos are far less cringey after his brief intro. Weissman’s channel mainly chronicles his quest to make the best possible version of fast food, like the Popeye’s chicken sandwich and McDonald’s hash browns, or grocery store buys, like Toaster Strudel, but unlike other videos that operate on this premise, Weissman breaks them down in a way you can actually recreate at home.

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