Military’s Poor Meal

Hajon Lee Recently, there has been numerous reports on the anonymous military community page on facebook reporting the poor conditions of meal soldiers were treated with. It first started with the controversy of quarantine soldiers who were given less than other soldiers. However it seemed like it wasn’t only for the quarantine soldiers, but for […]

GS25 Male Hating Poster Controversy

Hajon Lee South Korea has been and still is in the middle of war between men and women. Recently, the convenience store, GS25, one you’ve probably been to at least once has been at the center of controversy over male hatred with this specific event poster. In response to strong protests from men, GS25 deleted […]

Why do countries have different electrical outputs?

Jiyeon Choi            Due to the outbreak of Corona, traveling abroad feels like a long time ago. But whenever you traveled to a specific country, didn’t it bother you that you always needed to carry around an adaptor plug? Didn’t you ever wonder why different countries have different electrical volts or outlets?            Since In […]

Liquor regulation improvement and Gompyo Wheat Beer

Yugyeong Jeong            Last year, the government announced a plan to improve alcohol regulation in order to strengthen the competitiveness of the domestic liquor industry and enhance the convenience of liquor consumers. Regulations were comprehensively improved over the entire stages of manufacturing-distribution-sales, and in the manufacturing sector, consignment manufacturing (OEM) of alcoholic beverages using facilities […]

The Miracle that might Change Your Life

Lee Sooyeon              It is easy these days to find postings and videos of ways to change your lifestyle in a more efficient and healthier way. Recently the hottest topic among those was the ‘Miracle Morning’. In Korea many celebrities and youtubers are also participating in this miracle, by starting their day a bit earlier […]

The Nasdaq tumbled after Yellen’s comments – why are people afraid of interest rates?

           As vaccinations take place in the United States, it is expected to return to daily life soon. But at the same time, there are growing concerns that inflation could occur.            The word “Inflation” refers to a rapid rise in prices. In the event of inflation, prices of various foods and daily necessities, including […]