ESG in Business

Sooyeon Lee                   These days many people are talking about ESG, ESG investment in business. So, what is ESG? Why is it so important? Let’s take a look at the definition and some factors of ESG. What is ESG?                   ESG refers to environmental, social and governance—describes areas that characterize a sustainable, responsible or ethical […]

Gentle Monster

Hajon Lee Today I will be introducing to you, personally, one of my favorite eyewear brands: Gentle Monster. The brand name of Gentle Monster was “Gentle Monster” by combining the words gentle and monster. It is a brand name derived from “Everyone has a desire to live differently than they do now, and those parts […]

Personal Culture Differences

Hajon Lee Today’s blog might be one of the blogs that you can agree and empathize with the most. I will be sharing the cultural differences I experience and see in my daily life as of living in Korea for 3 years now. I used to live in Hungary, the center of Europe, for over […]

Foreign Bond and Euro Bond

Yugyeong Jeong Foreign bonds are bonds issued by non-residents of the issuing country to investors in that country. The funds from this will not be used within the country of issue, but outside the country of issue. As an entity with external debt, the government can borrow long-term funds from overseas to finance the investment […]

Transformation of old railway facilities ‘Haeundae Blueline Park’

Yugyeong Jeong Haeundae Blue Line Park is an eco-friendly redevelopment of the 4.8km old railway from Mipo to Songjeong. Along the coastline, Haeundae Beach Train and Haeundae Sky Capsule are operating. Haeundae Beach Train is a transportation and tourist train that runs round-trip from Mipo to Songjeong. Haeundae Sky Capsule is a 4-seater capsule that […]

Fantasy of living in Jeju

Jiyeon Choi One of the indispensable reasons why people want to settle down in Jeju or wants to experience one month living is the fact that many of the celebrities who have a great influence on people live in Jeju Island. In particular, JTBC’s “Hyo-ri’s Guest House,” which was first aired in 2017 and aired […]

Generational conflict in the workplace and SK Innovation’s ‘Generation Empathy Clan’

Yugyeong Jeong SK Innovation officially disbanded the ‘Generation Empathy Clan’, which was organized to form generational empathy among members of the Ulsan Complex (Ulsan CLX). The ‘Generation Empathy Clan’ was made up of 27 representatives of members who voluntarily decided to resolve the generational conflict in the workplace and change the organization and culture. […]

TV Series Worth Watching

Hajon Lee A K-drama that has brought a lot of interest and love is a tv series called Vincenzo. It has recorded a 14.6% viewer rating with its last episode. The series ended on April 2nd, but I highly recommend you watch it if you haven’t. As seen from the title, the series is about […]