New Bloggers for 2021 Spring Semester

Hello, all :) We are happy to introduce 6 new bloggers for 2021 Spring Semester.

Lee Sooyeon (

Hi everyone, I am Sooyeon Lee from the Business School. For those who are new here, this is my third time as a HUBS reporter. I have been writing about interesting Seoul spots to visit and some tips to enjoy a Seoul life here. Recently I am so into fashion and art, so maybe this semester I will be writing a lot about them. I love to see art exhibitions and visit fashion show rooms (of course buying something for myself obviously is the BEST part), so for those who are interested you can feel free to ask me anything about it through my email written above. I hope you all enjoy my articles and enjoy your new semester here in HUBS! Wish you the best luck!

Minjun Son

Hello, I’m Minjun Son from Business School.

I am happy to participate in HUBS reporters again for this semester after last semester. But unfortunately, still ongoing pandemic forced us to stay home despite my, or our, subtle expectations for going to school.

I am an enthusiastic person who like to challenge and try to do new things that I’ve never done before. To tell an experience, as I am crazy for football and a long-time fan of Cristiano Ronaldo even though he has lost his reputations here in Korea, I always wanted to watch him play in person. Accordingly, I bought a round plane tickets and the match ticket with all my money I had to accomplish one of my bucket lists. It had become one of the most unforgettable memories I have and the fear I had about going abroad to travel alone, which was actually quite reckless, was somewhat gone. Therefore, I came to a realization that why many successful figures always advise the public to just try even if it is just a mere imagination. 

I am also an enthusiastic traveller and a photographer. Rather than staying inside, I like to hang around and discover places I’ve never been to. I’ve travelled to 17 countries round the world and my bucket list is to make it over 100. Also, I like to capture unforgettable and inspiring moments with my camera. The reason for this is to remember the precious time and place for a long, long time and indulge in reminiscence. I posted some pictures that I took recently. For more inspiring pictures, please visit my photo account on Instagram!

So, this is me, and I am willing and looking forward to participating as a HUBS reporter again this semester. And I hope to share our readers with interesting and catching stories happening all around the world.

Thank you!

Yugyeong Jeong

Hello dear readers. Following last semester, I am writing articles this semester as well. Happy to see you again! The pandemic that seemed to be getting better continues until this year. Everyone seems to be getting used to it now, but you’ll want to go back to your previous life as soon as possible. I want to go on a trip with my family, eat delicious food, see great scenery, or meet friends I haven’t seen often. Of course, I miss the professor who lectures enthusiastically and the classroom full of students. I really like listening to songs. Especially when I walk in a quiet place and listen to the song, I feel like all my worries disappear. So I take a walk for more than 30 minutes every day. And this year, I have a new hobby of collecting the albums of my favorite singers. I’m thinking of buying a CD player soon. It’s definitely a different feeling than listening to music on earphones. It’s a tough time for everyone, but hang in there! The weather is getting warmer, so go for a walk, find new hobbies, and read HUBS articles. I will do my best to write an interesting and good article.

Ha Jon Lee

I’m back at it again as one of your Hanyang English reporters for this semester. You already know a lot about me as this is my third time introducing myself. I was thinking of what to write in this introduction and just thought to write about my lifestyle and life at the moment. I am living alone which means doing all the household on my own. I have great interest in cooking so cooking for myself is a lot of fun and often watching cooking videos have helped me a lot. I usually don’t stay at home much unless I’m cooking or studying. I would go to the gym or see a friend if I’m not home. I consider people as books with various plots and each and everyone having different characters in their own life story. Meeting new people and hearing their experiences gives me a better understanding of the world. These days I am working during the day as I only have online classes. During the evening I aid in writing an economics research report. During the afternoon I study at home or meet friends. After this semester I plan on going to the military and then come back and graduate. It’s a great pleasure and honor to be one of your bloggers again! Hope to see you with my articles.

Jeong Joon Ho

I’m Jeong Joon Ho, and I’m attending Hanyang University. I’m from Geoje, and majoring in Business Administration. Have a great day everyone!

Jiyeon Choi

Hello HUBS blog readers, I am one of the new members of HUBS reporters joining this year! First of all, it is an honour to write articles for you guys and I hope i will be able to deliver interesting and amusing pieces. I am studying Business Administration at HUBS and a member of GLITTERS which helps and supports exchange students to adapt to our school life as well as living in Seoul. As Corona broke out last year and it seems to extend further than we expected there are many limitations and changes to our life. It is very tragic that we cannot enjoy what we used to have such as traveling, festivals, school gatherings, activities and etc but I guess all we can really do is stay safe and get the best out of what we can do at the moment. As soon as the pandemic situation gets better I hope to see many exhibitions and concerts with my friends and travel overseas to visit my old friends. Although I really like staying at home sometimes I just feel so bad that I might not get the university life I really wanted so whenever I get the chance I walk around campus and take pictures with film camera or DSLR which is my current hobby. I hope I will be able to share some decent photos with you guys! Stay safe and do not forget to check out HUBS articles!

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