Top-10 Reasons Why to Visit Korea

1) Yummy food

One can easily fall in love with Korean food. Bibimbap (mixed rice with vegetables and meat), Gimbap (Korean version of sushi), and Korean BBQ are all so tasty that they are totally worth gaining weight while you travel Korea. Besides hearty meals, Korea also offers varieties of snacks which taste sweet. On average, food prices are at an affordable level too. So, what’s better than eating delicious food for small prices?


2) Kpop’s country-of-origin

No matter what you are going to say, Kpop has a significant impact on Asian teenagers. For girls, EXO, Super Junior, Shinee, BigBang and B1A4 are the apples of every girl’s eyes. For boys, Girl’s Generations, A-pink, f(x), and 2NE1 are their idols. Last but not least, everyone knows Kpop for one big reason: Oppa Gangnam Style.

3) Land of beauties

According to Asians’ standards, Korea has the most handsome guys and most beautiful ladies. Lee Min Ho, Kim Soo Hyun, Jang Geun Suk are just some examples of cool Korean stars. Jun Ji hyun, Park Min Young, and Yoon Eun-hye are the beauty queens in Korea. Moreover, even Kim Yu-na, a very famous iceskater from South Korea, proves that Korean beauty is not limited to famous actors and actresses.


4) Cherry flowers

Just like its neighboring country Japan, Korea is also a country with natural beauty when it comes to spring. There are many cherry festivals in Seoul where you can enjoy strolling around cherry trees. You can refer to this link for the location of the most beautiful cherry blossoms in Seoul.


5) Historical sites

Korea is a land with a long history. However, that does not necessarily mean it is a tourist site just for historians. Korea has lots of palaces which are so grand that even ordinary person might want to have a glimpse what is inside the palaces. Try to travel back in time through your own imagination and build your own kingdom inside these palaces. Visit those impressive architectural buildings, it’s worth a shot.


6) Free museums

Korea has a lot of museums. The good news is that most of them are free of charge, e.g. National Museum of Korea, Samsung Museum of Art, National Folk Museum of Korea, Seoul Museum of History. The best one of all museums is The War Memorial of Korea which carefully explains the war between the two Korean Nations. Trust me, museums in Seoul are not as boring as it usually may sound.


7) Easy transportation

South Korea has the most convenient metro system. A single ticket is at an initial price of KRW 1.050 (about $1) which is very affordable. Moreover, the subway stations are very clean. Only during rush hour it can get a little inconvenient as certain connections become really busy, i.e. crowded.


8) Interesting Language

Korean language is very interesting to learn. First of all, it does not take long to learn Hangul – the Korean character system – which quickly enables you to read Korean words and phrases. In the beginning, most characters seemed weird and surprising to me. For example, a rectangular shaped character is pronounced as “M”, a circle shaped one as “O”. Challenge yourself and learn a new interesting language!


9) Exciting amusement parks

Although Korea does not have Disneyland, they have their own version named “Everland”.This park is divided into five different sectors, which include many shows and rides, such as the “Rolling X-Train” roller-coaster or the “T-Express” which is a must-ride for roller-coaster lovers. On busy days you may have to wait a while, however, these rides are worth the waiting. There is also an indoor amusement park named “Lotte World” right in Seoul (Jamsil). Enjoy your adventures.


10) Best nightlife experience

Seoul is a city that shines brighter at night than daytime for me. Especially in Itaewon – a place where you can see everything in English signboards unlike other neighborhoods in Korea – you can find vast restaurants, bars, and clubs. Also, Gangnam and Hongdae are very popular nightlife areas that are worth to be checked out!


By Zaw from Myanmar

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