Problems left by the Europa Super League

Minjun Son


The Europa Super League, which was officially announced in surprise on April 18, seems to have failed due to the withdrawal of the clubs. The Europa Super League is a new football league with 12 major European clubs, and the original plan was to open in August 2021.

However, shortly after the announcement of the Super League, football fans, players and clubs, and even European governments and football associations strongly protested from the beginning. In the end, after three days, most of the teams withdrew from the Super League and apologized for causing confusion, and the Super League quietly ended with one happening.

Then, with UEFA-sponsored European Champions League and Europa League, and FIFA-sponsored Club World Cup and National World Cup, why did the Super League suddenly make a surprise appearance?

Why did a gigantic project, which has been secretly prepared for several years, ended in three days? Even though JPMorgan Chase invested more than 7 trillion won.

How was the Super League created?

The Super League emerged as a cornerstone of the 2018 soccer exposure case. The Football Leaks website, which revealed the truth of the football world in an illegal manner at the time, claimed that a super league in which only major teams in the big leagues participated from 2021. The disclosure contained specific details such as the list of participating teams, the date of disclosure, and investors, but after that, the Football Leaks operator was arrested, and no additional information was disclosed, and it was regarded as fake information.

However, the Super League was actually debated steadily under the surface. So why did the Europa Super League appear?

European football is already playing the world’s largest club competition called the European Champions League. Countless football fans and players regard winning the Champions League as the greatest success in the football world. In the end, the reason why the Super League was created by giving up the already existing Champions League was ‘money’.

Currently, European football is facing a huge fiscal deficit caused by Corona 19. In fact, Bordeaux FC of League of France, where Korean football star Hwang Ui-jo plays for, also declared bankruptcy due to the coronavirus. Even with the end of Corona 19, the outlook for European football is not very bright. It is true that the growth of the football market has also slowed a lot as sports all over the world are experiencing a crisis of declining audience, viewership and profitability.

Thus, through the Super League, a European soccer team with strong ticket power can play every week to attract a large number of new fans and generate enormous profits to grow the entire football world.

However, the Super League failed three days after the announcement, with nine of the 12 teams declaring withdrawal. And the reason, ironically, was money and fans. Also, the fact that Super League’s huge project was very closed and private was not understandable to fans and players. Even the players and officials of the club who decided to participate in the Super League did not know about this. Fans of clubs that could not participate in the Super League criticized it as ‘a league that ignores poor clubs and is full of only the rich clubs’. Fans of clubs participating in the Super League emphasized that money is not everything, and continued criticism through on-site demonstrations and social media.

This Super League started with the cause of profitability and fans but was canceled for the same reason. In the end, the Super League couldn’t take off the stigma of Marketism and sports for money despite many explanations. However, some experts and media pointed out that a ‘second Super League’ could appear at any time.

If so, we have to see if the European football world will end the failure of the Super League with just killing greedy or traitors. If the Super League is locked into the issue and neglected to the problems remaining in the real football world, the Super League will appear again, and then no one may be able to stop the Super League for profits and fans.

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