Exploring Seoul in the nighttime: Ttuksseom Han River Park & Seoul Forest (by Debora)

As the weather is becoming colder, I had the idea of exploring places that I had recently only visited during the daytime. Having been born and raised in Brazil, I have never had the opportunity to explore places in the nighttime, due to the not very safe environment. So one of the things I was looking forward to as I moved to Korea was exploring more places at night. The two places I have visited in the nighttime were Ttuksseom Han River Park and Seoul Forest. A few days while having dinner with a friend near Konkuk University, I had the best fried chicken of my life.

Anyways, after dinner we took a walk around Konkuk University and the various places around the campus, but as the nightlife in Korea started to kick, more and more people filled up the streets. It soon became too crowded, so wanting to escape the ocean of people, my friend and I decided to go to Ttuksseom Han River park since it was not that far from Konkuk University. Maybe because of the culture differences between Brazil and South Korea, I assumed there weren’t going to be as many people at the park at 10:30pm. But…I was wrong. There were still as many people in the park at 10pm as there are in the daytime.

Many people, including children and elders, were exercising, riding their bikes, or just sitting down and relaxing at the park. While I have been to the Han River Park in Yeouido it was my first time at the Ttuksseom Han River park. The night view was amazing. We could see Seoul lit up across the Han river, not to mention many pretty water shows.

Another place I have visited at night was Seoul Forest. Although I have been there quite a lot of times in the daytime, it was my first time going there at night, and I highly recommend everyone to go there at night if you’re looking for a quiet place in Seoul.

From my first experience (taking a walk at night at Ttuksseom park) I thought that there would still be a lot of people at night but I was wrong. This time it was (almost) completely empty. To be honest I think I was able to enjoy it more at night because of the less amount of people there was since it can get a little crowded in the daytime.

Being an impatient person and having a fast walk pace, I strongly dislike it when there are a lot of people in the streets so I would super highly recommend taking a walk around the Seoul Forest park at the nighttime!!

Here are some pictures :)


Speaking of Seoul Forest.. Another place I visited was Common Ground. The Common Ground is Korea’s first pop-up store built with shipping containers. To be honest it was my first time there but here are some pictures of it!


Overall thoughts: I personally really enjoyed being able to explore Seoul at nighttime. I was truly surprised by how many people there are at the streets at night and I am excited to explore more of Seoul!

Article by Debora Chung, a freshmen at Hanyang Business School.


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