Spring has come to Hanyang University!

Junho Jeong

At the end of March, Spring came to Seoul. Cherry blossoms bloomed beautifully at Hanyang University too, and many students took pictures at school to make memories before the cherry blossoms fell. There are especially many flowers around Hanyang University in spring, including on the way to Wangsimni Station and along the Jungnangcheon River, so many students continued to visit. In this article, I’ll introduce some of the best Hanyang photo zones for uploading pictures on Instagram.

1. Hanyang University Main Gate(한양대학교 정문)

           Before entering Hanyang University, you’ll see the Main Gate for the first time. Thanks to many cherry blossoms, it is especially beautiful in spring. Also, this year a new sculpture was built in front of the main gate, attracting students’ attention. The neatly designed white sculpture blends beautifully with the surrounding scenery, attracting many students and couples who want to save their happy moments.

2. The back road of the School of Business(경영관)

           The entrance to the School of Business is known for its beauty. But did you know that the back road of this place along Hanyang Women’s University is quite pretty too? If you sit on a wooden bench and look at the cherry blossoms, you’ll think “Sagun-dong was such a beautiful place!”, I promise. On the way down from here to Hanyang Women’s University, there are such pretty cherry blossoms in a row in spring. Come to Hanyang University whenever spring comes!

3. In front of the School of Education(사범대)

           If you go to the Baeknam Center, you can see a special photo zone. Although there are a few of cherry blossoms, it is a hidden attraction with forsythia and azaleas bloomed beautifully. Especially, since it is one of the highest places in the school, you can see everywhere including Jungnangcheon, Wangsimni Station, and Ttukseom Station. Also, there are many forsythias in front of the School of Education, making it the best place to take pictures to upload on Instagram.

           Spring is gone and Summer is coming now. Although cherry blossoms are all gone, the place I introduced above is still pretty now. Come to the campus and watch beautiful sceneries!

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