Invitation to Yeonnamdong

If you want to adventure to the new place, but feel like enjoying this bright and breezy day, visit Yeonnamdong (연남동) for a day out. This place, Yeonnamdong, has been popular lately among young students and a pair of couples due to the relatively close location to the Hongdae (홍대). Also, this area is called […]

Unique Cosmetic Products in Korea

As you walk down the big streets in Myungdong, Hongdae or Gangnam, you must have seen lines of cosmetic stores. Hanging big signs and posters, those shops are trying hard to make more customers come in. South Koreans tend to care a lot about how they look like and how others would perceive them. This […]

A Journey Through the Philippines

Arriving My flight landed at 1am at the Cebu-Mactan international airport on Wednesday May 4th. The flight from Seoul is only 4 and a half hours with a one hour time difference on the islands. Despite the late arrival, I was still able to easily get a white taxi to the location of the Airbnb […]

Beer in South Korea

The South Korean beer market is currently dominated by two big companies, which are Hite-Jinro and Oriental Brewery (OB). These two manufacturers have several brands and they are sold in almost every restaurant in Korea. Most restaurants or bars in Korea only have one of these brands on tap, as most of the brands have […]

44th Annual Spring Collegiate Kumdo Tournament

The morning of May 7th, 2016 was an exciting one for the Hanyang University Kumdo Club (한양대학교 검도부). We were going to Seoul National University of Science and Technology (서울과학기술대학교) to compete in the 44th annual Korean Kumdo Association Spring Collegiate Kumdo Tournament (제 44회 춘계 대학 검도연맹전), and plenty of other university clubs would […]

Korea in Three days (Part 1): Boseong Green Tea Festival

This past weekend was Children’s day, so my friend and I took advantage of the holiday and traveled to Boseong (보성) and Busan (부산). There were many events going on this weekend including the Green Tea Festival in Boseong (보성녹차축제) and the Lotus Lantern Festival in Seoul, and both festivals were on my “must do” […]

Need to Print on Campus?

On campus, there are 12 buildings that can print. They are located on the first basement level in College of Liberal Arts, on the second floor in College of Social Sciences, on the second floor in College of Education, the College of Natural Sciences, on the third floor of the first Engineering Building, on the […]

Love for Cats on Campus: Sip-Si-Ill-Nyang

While you walk on campus you can see many cats that take a rest practically everywhere. Around campus, there are more than 10 cats, and they are seen around 7 main places such as the back stairs of the Business School. Also, you can see small boxes, blankets, and food for the cats. These are […]