Festivals in Seoul for the Food and Drinks Lovers

Seoul Food Festival 04/28/2017-05/05/2017 Seoul Food Festival is a seven-day event celebrating gourmet flavors and featuring various signature dishes from world-class restaurants [1]. The festival is divided into three types of events: luxurious banquet gatherings at top hotels, grand outdoor picnic events with over 50,000 participants, and cooking shows from Michelin Star chefs. The festival kicks […]

All Kinds of Alcohol Mixtures in Korea (Part 1)

For those who have been, or are in Korea, you must have tried Korean Soju (소주) and Beer. Koreans like to have drinks with people, and feel that it is a way to get in closer bonding. When saying goodbye to friends, they even might say “나중에 술 한잔 하자” (Na-joong-ae Sool Han-Jan Ha-ja) which […]

Beer in South Korea

The South Korean beer market is currently dominated by two big companies, which are Hite-Jinro and Oriental Brewery (OB). These two manufacturers have several brands and they are sold in almost every restaurant in Korea. Most restaurants or bars in Korea only have one of these brands on tap, as most of the brands have […]

Places to Hangout in Hongdae

Molly’s Pop This little Popsicle shop is off the main crowded streets of Hongdae on trendy, more quite back street. What makes this Popsicle shop so interesting is all the crazy flavors of popsicles it has. It features flavors such as Wasabi, Cheese, Makgeolli, Erdinger Beer, Soybean, and many other strange flavors. It also has […]

A Nighttime Picnic to Yeouinaru and Mapo Bridge

Last Wednesday, I went to Yeouinaru (여의나루) for a picnic by the riverside and watch the total eclipse of the moon. I recommend you to visit parks near Han River (한강) such as Ttukseom (뚝섬), Banpo (반포), and Yeouinaru with your friends before the weather gets too cold. Enjoy “Chimaek (Chiken&Beer)” with the breathtaking night time […]