Invitation to Yeonnamdong

If you want to adventure to the new place, but feel like enjoying this bright and breezy day, visit Yeonnamdong (연남동) for a day out. This place, Yeonnamdong, has been popular lately among young students and a pair of couples due to the relatively close location to the Hongdae (홍대). Also, this area is called “Yeon-tral Park”, named after a renowned central park in New York.

However, since a few years ago, the business district in Hongdae and Itaewon (이태원) has lost its popularity, even if they are considered as “Hot Places” by foreigners. It’s because the floating population in Yeonnamdong area keeps growing and the line for Gyeongui railroad (경의선) will be expanded to the Sangamdong (상암동), which is nearby Gimpo International Airport. (김포국제공항) Most importantly, people looks like searching not for large size of franchised café, but for characterful, unique, and small one. They would like to flee from populated Main Street and go into the town full of analog esthetic. So I am going to introduce some restaurant and cafeteria you are likely to go out to sense out a feeling of humanity.


The Dining Lab


Here is the restaurant that I like the most. Even this place has been screened on the televised program called “Gourmet Road”. This show was aiming at searching out where delicious and tasty food is sold. So you can recognize how popular this restaurant is!  

매운 파스타 라자냐

The main menu that the chef strongly suggests is, needless to say, “Spicy Pasta”. Although you might have heard of the name of this dish in a restaurant, the taste of it is much better than anywhere. This dish is made with spicy sauce and half-boiled eggs, as you see the picture above. The white round one refers to the egg. It makes the taste much soft and not too spicy. Also, various kinds of cocktail and wine are sold, so wouldn’t be perfect if you eat those food with good quality of wine at a cheap price?

Because its popularity has been growing consistently, you should check out the business hour, not to wait in line for a long time. It opens at 11:30~23:00, but you have to know that there is a break time during 15:00~17:30. If you go there close to the lunch or dinner time, you must wait at least 1 hour to take a seat. Therefore, find a niche time suitable for you.



The reasons for the popularity of Yeonnamdong are due to cafeteria as well as dining place. Can’t wait to eat those sweet food – not only its good appearance of drinks and dessert, but also the differentiated flavor from franchised one.



16227919436_dcc3d756f6 coffee

Both pictures are from Comma, cafeteria. The picture shows that the vanilla latte and ice Americano is served with a glass cup written with some touching phrases; “the deepest way to communicate with people is not enough through conversation. Throughout the novel, bond of sympathy and emotion can be exchanged actively.” (Left), “the bright flowers just blossomed in each abandoned island.” (Right). This phrase make your heart feel impressed and so moved.


Yeonnam Salon

빙수와 푸딩

The next one is from “Yeonnam Salon”. The interior of this building is like our private home. Away from the modern style, they finely and elaborately decorated using accessories hanging on the lamp. They sell diverse menu including red bean ice flakes and pudding, which are favorite among people. (Both are shown on the picture above.) Especially, the pudding is characterized with the green color and cute decoration, unlike transparent color that typical pudding has. Until you are in that café, you can draw on the sheet of paper with the prepared crayons or pencils. What a nice time-consuming activity!


Le Nanan

초코케익 레몬케익

The last one is from “Le Nanan”, which refers to “delicious food” in French. Actually, the owner of this restaurant always makes more than 10 desserts including tart and walnut crumble by himself. He prioritizes using fruits in season and selling food during only one day when those food are made, in order to cut back unnecessary cost and to ensure its sanitary situation. For that reason, the dessert can be changeable depending on the season. The most acclaimed dessert is “Dark chocolate banana” and “Lemon meringue tart”, as you can see this two through the picture above. They are so sweet that you are going to feel better like a magic effect. Yey!

All four places including restaurant and cafeteria are available to look up directions and more reviews through online. Rather, lots of bloggers show us much more detailed information such as what to select (the best and worst menu). Walk into the wonderful dessert world!


Article by SooJung, a Junior in Business Administration

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